Meet Our Team

Sabrina A Gilbertson Sabrina A. Gilbertson, Director, has a BFA degree from Boston University, with a concentration in Painting and a minor in Art History. Sabrina has worked in the New York art industry for over 12 years, coordinating exhibitions, art fairs and promotion for artists from around the world. Passionate about art for as long as she can remember, Sabrina celebrates contemporary artists and is devoted to the exploration and advancement of their artistic careers.
Shilan Samaei Shilan Samaei, Art Sales Consultant, has a BFA degree from American University of Dubai, with a concentration in Interior Design. Shilan has worked in the art industry for many years, as an art consultant, project manager, gallery director, and client liaison. Shilan has been working closely with artists from different backgrounds and cultures to create remarkable pieces for corporate offices, hospitality, and collectors. Shilan is passionate about art and love to help and promote artists from all around the world.
Carolina Carilo Carolina Carilo, Competitions Coordinator, is originally from Bogotá, Colombia, and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in print and a postgraduate degree in Art Education. A skilled workshop artist, she has also worked in cultural management and gained experience in art education. Being an artist herself she loves to help artists get more exposure via competition opportunities.
Page Carpenter Page Carpenter, Associate Director, has a Master’s Degree in Fine & Decorative Arts from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Sewanee: the University of the South. Page is a talented copywriter with a strong understanding of fine art & its markets. She is dedicated to providing excellent content including promotional materials for our artists and exhibitions. She is passionate about creating compelling, relevant, and engaging content for art collectors, artists, and our audience within the international arts community.
Katrina Lacanaria-Reblora Katrina Lacanaria-Reblora, Gallery Assistant, has worked in the corporate world for 12 years as a Senior Account Specialist, but has always been passionate about arts and has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer as a kid. She also enjoys painting portraits and still life as well.
Andra Bilici Andra Bilici, Social Media Director, is a communications consultant with an extensive experience in Social media as well as Corporate Communication. She has studied philology, PR & Communication while pursuing her passion and interest for art. Andra enjoys working on various marketing initiatives, promoting artists during their representation and integrating contemporary art into the fast-paced social media world.
Roanna Cada Roanna Cada, Graphic Designer, has a Bachelor's Degree in IT, specializing in digital arts. She has years of experience working on web and graphic design. She enjoys working on graphic materials for Agora Gallery, drawing inspiration from artworks of the gallery's represented artists. Gaining new perspectives in fine art, she is fond of reviewing artworks of emerging artists and grasping their passion with their art.
Gabriella Mazza Gabriella Mazza, Artist Liaison, is a multilingual interpreter and visual artist originally from Italy. Gabriella provides language, copywriting and cultural adaptation services to better promote prominent designers, artists, and photographers. She is actively involved in the Queens and Brooklyn art scenes, curating and participating in shows, organizing gallery crawls and open studios, and providing opportunities for artists to grow. Currently, she is working on a new series of paintings on rebellious underwater creatures.
Ricardo Rodriguez Ricardo Rodriguez, Web Designer, has a BA in Information Technology specialising in web development. With years of experience developing websites, Ricardo loves creating beautifully designed sites to showcase artists' work. An artist himself, he also enjoys photography, dancing, and mountain climbing.
Anna Karampela Anna Karampela, Social Media Assistant, has a BA in Linguistics and received her M. Phil. in Computational Linguistics from Trinity College Dublin. Growing up around artists, she developed her love for art, an element that was further evolved during her travels and has been constant throughout her career. Anna is passionate about creating high-level texts for artists, promoting their work through social media platforms.
Maria Olsson Skalin Maria Olsson Skalin, Gallery Assistant, is originally from Helsingborg, Sweden, and has a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art History from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York as well as a Certificate of Fine Art from the New York Academy of Art in Tribeca. Maria has been working in various sectors of the New York art industry since 2018, and is particularly passionate about the history of fine art photography and printmaking.
Ariel Kahana Yshay Manos, Art Consultant, has been involved in the New York City art scene since the early 1990s. Yshay’s spectrum of experience ranges from managing design and furniture galleries to owning a gallery dedicated to Asian antiques and fine arts and privately dealing in fine and decorative art. His artistic interests span photography, mid century arts and design, contemporary art and design, Asian antiques, and fine arts and he is also an avid photographer.
Ariel Kahana Ariel Kahana, Owner, studied industrial design and computer science. As the son of the founder, Ariel gained a great deal of inside knowledge of the art world from his mother. He inherited Agora Gallery in 2001 and has since been involved in the development of the gallery and the integration of new technologies in the art field.

Meet our Representatives

Maria Stella Maria Stella looks through many portfolios of different artists every day, gaining new inspirations for herself from the creativity shared all around the world. A philosopher both in her soul and in her education, she is also a dedicated art lover and amateur musician. To her, art and music are the main sources of a happy life.
Naomi Harris Naomi Harris is a Marketing specialist with a decade of experience in marketing research, outreach and specialized communications. She holds a Bachelor's degree from B K Birla College of Science. She believes that art, in any form, can have a tremendous impact on our emotions and mood. To free her imagination, she includes art in her spiritual practices. Outside of work, she loves to explore ancient heritage sites and study ancient literature.
Bev Santok Bev Eusebio has obtained a graduate degree in Marketing and Corporate Communications. She is a very optimistic person and enjoys traveling across the globe. She has always been inspired by fine art photographers.
Elle Angeles Elle Angeles is a former educator who spearheaded improvement plans, and facilitated national workshops. These experiences developed her content and resources management skills as she and her team designed sustainability plans and projects. She shared her enthusiasm for photography and filmmaking with her journalism and broadcasting mentees, and currently flourishing her children’s photography and filmmaking skills.