July 8 - July 28, 2016 | Reception Photos

Dynamic Visions

The works in Dynamic Visions seem to both challenge us to analyze their effect and invite us to immerse ourselves in their stimulating and often ingenious vision of life. Each piece appears to contain a whole world of lively possibility that bears a strong relation to what we know, yet almost transcends the understood, taking us along for the ride.

Figuratively Speaking

With a lively sense of humor as well as a serious and well thought-out message, the works in Figuratively Speaking engage our attention through color, form and pure aesthetic attraction. Yet once we are held, we become aware of something deeper going on – which both adds to and develops on from the initial delightful impression.

The French Perspective: Contemporary Art from France

In the exhibition The French Perspective: Contemporary Art from France, a diverse group of French artists share their creations with us. With a range of artistic styles from abstract to still life, this exhibition shows us all that the French market can bring. Using vibrant color pallets and stimulating subject matter, these artists are able to entrance the viewer and capture their full attention.

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