May 20 - June 9, 2016 | Reception Photos

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time brings together artists from around the world who each use their artwork to capture a particular influential moment. Some of these artists create exact replications of something that they themselves have experienced, while others create dream-like scenes based on memories or other inspirations. With each moment, the viewer is transported into a new time and place with a new artist guide by their side.

Elixir of Nature

The artists in the exhibition Elixir of Nature have created works that depict how nature can relate to us in unique ways. From abstraction to photorealism, each artist is able to bring these representations of nature to life. Whether the artist has created something from real life or has recreated some inspiration onto the canvas, the viewer is able to see elements of nature through each of these featured works.

Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand

Travel to the other side of the globe without ever leaving New York City with the exhibition Out from Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand. Catch a glimpse of the art world and perspective in this show consisting of artists native and migrant to Australia and New Zealand. The works in the show range in style and medium, offering a unique insight into those artists' backgrounds, inspirations, and environments.

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