December 1 - December 22, 2015 | Reception Photos

The Manifestation of Milieu

Sixteen artists take a look at the world that lies behind the figure and form in the exhibition Manifestation of Milieu. In abstract and figurative works, these artists explore what it means to interact with one's environment, be it a physical, emotional, or purely conceptual one. Drawing from various fields of expertise and from an invigorating mixture of styles, these artists explore the concept of context: the manifestation of milieu.

Persistence of Form

Ranging in style and background, the artists in Persistence of Form focus on the physical. These artists draw from every field of art history to compile with delicate care their subjects. Human figures, flora, fauna, looming towers, and geometrical forms all take center stage in this exhibition. With visceral talent and intimate knowledge of their chosen media, these artists bring a fresh new look to their subjects, forcing their viewers to stop and question: who are these figures? Where are these emotional scenes?

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