December 3 - December 23, 2016 | Reception Photos

Sensorial Perspectives

Sensorial Perspectives is a journey through the experience of the body. Among the works featured are abstract paintings that play with the emotional impact of intense color, portraits that reach out to the viewer with the immediacy of a photo, and photographs that attempt to convey the experience of simply being present in a location - walking, looking, and thinking. Eight contemporary artists of all different backgrounds are included, each one investigating an area that is more psychological than representational. The exhibition is a playground of new sensations that challenge the common idea of art as a purely visual medium.

Landscapes of the Mind

Agora Gallery's new exhibition Landscapes of the Mind offers six new ways to look at the natural world. Five painters and one photographer from all around the globe analyze and more importantly appreciate the exquisiteness of oceans, forests, and skies. There are painstakingly detailed whirlpools; there are mountains painted as choppy slashes of blazing color; there are wild animal portraits rendered as pop art masterworks. Far from the untouchable grandeur of the traditional landscape painting, the pieces on display here invite the audience into the terrain to soak up some of that bracing experience for themselves. Defending its chosen genre against accusations of being stuffy or staid, Landscapes of the Mind proves that there is still quite a lot to say about the planet.

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