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January 21 - February 10, 2017 | Reception Photos

Emerging Visions

Agora Gallery presents Emerging Visions, an exciting new collective exhibition featuring seven artists who mix and match not only media but style, technique, and genre as well. The exhibition includes dream-like photographs of the heavens that present the sky as an amorphous picture plane; landscapes that take on the dynamic forces of nature and the role of humans in the wild alike; and liquid-like portraits of people created with a few undulating lines of color. There are also mixed-media pieces that expand on the path Rauschenberg began sixty years ago, and minimalist paintings that are carefully assembled from other people's painted panels. There is technical innovation in every corner. Emerging Visions represents a unique collection of artists looking towards the future.

Plurality of Expression

Plurality of Expression comes to Agora Gallery this January, featuring an incredibly diverse group of seven bold artists. There are paintings of fully realized night skies overlaid with stoic, black and white figures; crisp digital photographs explaining the female form with a blunt yet sympathetic eye; and abstracted faces that soar through the air with graphic shapes flying in their wake. The total individuality of each artist's aesthetic is nothing short of remarkable. Plurality of Expression represents a newly globalized art world in which artists do not conform to a common style, but rather embrace an explosion of ideas and a heightening of the visual language available to us.

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