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2009 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Selected Artists

Agora Gallery is pleased to announce the results of the 2009 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is a renowned juried art contest that has been juried by prominent museum curators and art experts. “Carving a space for new talent is very much at the core of our business,” says Agora Gallery Director Angela Di Bello who has vast experience on the art circuit.

The competition was juried Mr. Ira Goldberg, Executive Director, The Art Students League of New York. We at Agora Gallery would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the participants of the 24th Annual Chelsea Fine Art Competition. It is our belief that everyone who entered the competition is a winner, and is to be congratulated. Participation on any level, takes courage and is an act of faith and belief in ones own talent and strengths.

Participation in a Collective Exhibition:

Preston Trombly, Erich Birchmeier, Marie Claude Bosc Depretz, Hyeln Choo, Dooney, Nelly Drell, Kathy Liao, Marie Massey, Andre Netto, Robert Telenick, Zinni Veshi, Michael Bajko, Nine Francois, James Keul, Evelyn Wang, Peter Bulow, Bill Leigh, Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Meg Zhang, Dave Wisniewski, Vasiliki-Christina Stefou, Arkadiusz Piegdon, Ian Magargee, Judith Kramer, Charles Imbro, Jelu Iliov, Steve Hill, Angeles Cereceda Martinez, Meredith Rose, Christina Dallorso Bush

Annual Internet Exposure on

Brian Eppley, Jeannine Edelblut, Doug Bloodworth, Angelica Bittencourt, Oleda Baker, Lynn Roylance

Review in ARTisSpectrum Magazine:

Nadege Morey

Monetary prizes were awarded to the following artists:

$500 = Alex Braverman
$300 = Etsuko Shida
$200 = Samantha Lu

While Agora Gallery is the sponsor and organizer of the competition; the 2009 competition was juried by Mr Ira Goldberg, Executive Director, of the The Art Students League of New York. Mr Ira Goldberg is not affiliated with Agora Gallery in any manner. Agora Gallery and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process.

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ARTisSpectrum Magazine Launches New Site

Agora Gallery is proud to announce the launch the new ARTisSpectrum Magazine website. The new Web 2.0 site includes profiles of many talented artists from around the world, alongside exciting articles about today's art world, and is closely integrated with social media.

Please visit the site and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Agora Gallery's ARTisSpectrum Magazine


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Artist in the News

Alan Streets on Fox News - Artist Alan Streets was featured on a Cover Story. You can see Alan making news here

Jools on NBC Dateline - will be featured on the NBC Dateline Program airing April 2, 2009

Marty Maehr on the cover of STEP Journal - image "Valley Vortex" appeared on March cover of STEP Journal

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Altered States of Reality

Cariappa Annaiah
Altered States of Reality provides a glimpse of the world as captured through the lens of a camera, technology, and through the artists own inner vision.


Lily David
Today Lily fully embraces her responsibilities as a visual artist; she courageously faces the ambiguity of life, and its torn, ragged qualities, but also reveals through her work the necessity of hope, and of finding textures and layers within life’s difficulties. She speaks her own unique visual language, inspired by her passion for the intimate communication that is art.

Out From Down Under and Beyond - The Australian and New Zealand Art Exhibition

Sally Smith
Australia and New Zealand have produced notable contemporary artists from both Western and Indigenous artistic traditions. Enriched with these influences, some of the finest contemporary visual art, where the importance and sacredness of the land, the power of ancestral art as well as modern artistic joy and technique become a uniting theme.

Labyrinth of Abstraction

Marvin Hines
An impressive selection of talented artists has been brought together for Labyrinth of Abstraction, a showcase of contemporary abstract painting. This internationally diverse grouping uses painterly abstractions to conceptualize the ineffable, with exploding colors, lines, and shapes celebrating life’s nuances while enticing the eye. This bold language of art displays an individuality and breadth of style that speaks directly to our souls and refreshes our spirits.

Portals of Perception

Sergio Cerchi
The wide variety of artistic invention which greets audiences attending Portals of Perception, underscores the idea that as long as people dream and imagine, art will never cease to exist, inspire, and bring about contemplation in others.

The Manifestation of Milieu

Tazim Jaffer
The artists of Manifestation of Milieu cull resonant imagery from their travels, dreams, and life experiences that speak to us on a personal level. Ranging from fanciful to contemplative, this exceptional body of work will have audiences reveling in the sweeping landscapes, stunning portraiture, and inventive characters.