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Racing for the Cure

Race for the CureOn Sunday September 18, 2011, a big crowd gathered in Central Park. The people were wearing t-shirts and running shoes and holding bottles of water. It was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event which happens every year at about this time, and Team Agora were proud to participate, knowing that we were helping in a small way to combat breast cancer. As we joined the other groups and individuals who were running, jogging and walking, we thought of those we knew who had been affected by this terrible disease and watched other racers whose t-shirts paid tribute to other victims, or proudly proclaimed the wearer to have survived. There was a great feeling in the air, of determination and of joining together to contribute to the fundraising event. We finished the race tired but together, and happy to have done our bit. We would like to thank all the artists who so kindly donated to our team – David LaBella, Weeda Hamden and Andreas Strobel – and CustomInk, who printed our t-shirts.

A personal comment from Nellie Scott: As the team captain for this event, I received so many emails from our represented artists sharing their own personal stories, both joyful and heartbreaking. It is incredible how many artists' families and friends have been affected by this. It is truly an honor to know that we participated as representatives of all their touching stories.

The Humanitarians - Patricia Brintle

Patricia BrintleEach month our newsletter will shed light on an artist whose contribution to a humanitarian cause has brought welcome relief and assistance to "someone" or to a "multitude" of those in need. This month we introduce Patricia Brintle.

"My name is Patricia Brintle and I am a full time Haitian artist living in the US. I am the president of a not-for-profit corporation called From Here To Haiti, Ltd..

The earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010 affected me personally because a lot of my family lives in Haiti and I lost family members and friends in the catastrophe. The earthquake left Haiti in a deplorable situation. Tent cities occupy every available space in the capital and the surrounding towns and people live in horrendous conditions. From Here To Haiti, Ltd. was formed to respond to the increasing need for repair of buildings used for public assembly. We focus primarily on Catholic/Christian places of worship and their related structures such as churches, schools, clinics, etc. and we seek to create temporary employment for the people of Haiti through that repair work.

The corporation was formed in October of 2010 and in less than a year we have replaced the framing and roof of Marie Reine Immaculee Church in Les Abricots and repaired its 10 columns that were compromised by the earthquake; we constructed a 6-stall outdoor toilet for the 650 students of College St. Augustin in Lory where there was none; repaired a floor-to-roof crack in the wall of St. Gerard Majella church in Chardonnette; provided satellite internet access and the start of a computer lab for both College St. Augustin and for College St. Gerard.

We are all volunteers, we pay for our own travel expenses and 100% of received contributions go to the projects. In addition I receive on-going donations of statues and religious goods that are damaged or no longer in use; I repair and repaint them, wrap them in clothing and ship them to various churches in Haiti. I also seek local artists in Haiti and endeavor to find them gallery representation in the US so they can earn their living with their art. In time, I would like to work with the local artists to paint murals in their respective parish churches. "

From Here to HaitiTo find out more about this project, go to As Patricia says, even though Haiti may no longer be in the news, the need is as great as ever.

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Marvelous murals make the room in restaurant rennovation

Todd KrasovetzPrestigious Philadelphia restuarant Le Bec Fin's Tryst has recently undergone a process of rennovation. One of the crucial elements in creating the right atmosphere is picking the perfect artwork. In this case, that meant mesmerizing murals created by artist Todd Krasovetz, who is represented in New York by Agora Gallery. His compelling, colorful creations are magnificent in themselves, but also contribute meaningfully to the feelling of the space for which he designed them. If you're in Philadelphia, take time to drop in and admire the results!

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Agora Artist Ramón A. Olivares wins the 'Battle of the Cities'

Ramon OlivaresWe are delighted to announce that Ramón A. Olivares has been declared the winner of the HUGO Create 'Battle of the Cities: USA Challenge' competition. Ramón created a series of works which take their inspiration from New York City, which he has always considered the perfect place to fulfill creative dreams. As part of his prize, his work has been made into advertisements which will appear all over the metropolis. If you're in NYC, keep an eye out for these gorgeous images!

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