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Your New York Art Gallery - Premier Art Space Available to Rent

Your New York Art Gallery

Agora Gallery is proud to announce the launch of a new and exciting venture allowing galleries who are based outside the New York area to establish a presence in NY’s West Chelsea art gallery district.

‘Your New York Art Gallery’ offers the opportunity to rent prime gallery space in which to host an exhibition, hold receptions, and display artwork, raising awareness of what the gallery has to offer, and establishing it firmly as a prestigious part of the international art world.

We offer a range of promotional services to enable galleries to make the most of the opportunity of exhibiting in this key location, and our friendly and professional staff work to make the experience smooth and successful.

For more details visit:

Autumn Inspirations at Agora Gallery

Autumn can have a multitude of meanings. We are proud to present a collection of Autumn perspectives by some of our artists.
(From left to right) Brian Pier's Autumn Sunset, 2009, Mats Anderson's Autumn, 2009, Ruth Gilmore Langs' Autumn Rapture, Alyssa Traub's The Coming of Autumn, Goodash's Autumn, 2008 and Ligia Dorina Dumitrache's, Autunno- Autumn, 1997.

Brian PierMats Andersson Ruth Gilmore Langs Alyssa Traub Goodash Ligia Dorina Dumitrache

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Visiting Chelsea


Chelsea makes a uniquely fascinating destination for an afternoon art stroll. Explore emerging and established trends, discover up-and-coming artists in the hip, high-ceilinged galleries clustered in this wonderland of art.

The Chelsea Gallery District is roughly confined by 29th street in the North, 13th street in the South,11th Avenue in the West and 7th Avenue in the East.

Click here for hotels in the area.

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Eye on the Artist - VéroniKaH


Hometown: St-Bruno, Québec, Canada
Preferred medium: stained glass, ink and acrylic texture, and glass beads
Favorite artist: Picasso, Johanne Corneau from Canada
My source of inspiration: my day-to-day life
Most creative hours: 8:00pm - midnight
When working, I listen to: CHOM FM, rock and instrumental music
In the absence of art, I would: dance, write poems
Three words to describe my art: explosion of energy
Three words that others might use: powerful colors and textures
Most memorable travel destination: Paris and the French countryside

Click here to view VéroniKaH's artwork

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