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September Newsletter

Working with an Art Advisor – The Artist’s Perspective - Why is an art advisor an important player in the art world? For one, they can be a powerful asset to both artists and collectors alike; whether you are an artist looking to make new connections or a collector who is looking to build their inventory.

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August Newsletter

How to Promote Your Art Using Instagram Stories - Instagram Stories are an essential tool for any artist who wishes to thrive in the digital age. Our How to Tutorial will help you use the feature like a pro.

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July Newsletter

The Symbiosis of Art & Science - With the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s Moon landing approaching, Agora Gallery is celebrating the Symbiosis of Art and Science These two disciplines empower one another to further explore their respective expressions of reality. Follow us on social media to learn more and enjoy a collection of carefully curated work selected by our advisors in honor of this month.

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June Newsletter

Michai Morin: Art as a Means to Decrypt Emotions - Michai Morin’s large acrylic glass panels feature sharp contrasting details juxtaposed with soft otherworldly gradients; his work is currently the highest resolution digitally rendered and printed art in the world. Each abstract digital sculpture is meaningfully constructed to invoke a sense of the serene, instantly transforming any space to an area of calm and wonder.

Read about Saying So Long to Your Standard Thin Black Frame. The Art of Framing Photography.

May Newsletter

Latin America's Rebels: Contemporary Artists You Should Know - For more than 50 years, artists from Latin America have been making some of the most significant contributions to the traditions of Conceptualism, Minimalism, and Performance art with keen focus on the alienation, exploitation, and the fractured identity politics that follow in the wake of Western imperialism and military dictatorships.

Read about Caspar Baum: Exploring Space, Light, and Color as Functional Environments

April Newsletter

Going Green: Environmentally Friendly Practices for Artists - Are our art materials so toxic that they are covertly affecting our health and the environment? While the answer is still under debate, read our latest Advice article and learn how to keep your artistic practices as environmentally friendly as possible.

Read about Japanese Calligraphy: The Fine Art of Writing

March Newsletter

Art Competitions: How to Get Selected - Art competitions are some of the most overlooked opportunities available to contemporary artists. Yet these events can do a great deal to advance a career in the arts.

Read about Increased Interest in Collecting Asian Art

February Newsletter

How to Put Together A Portfolio That Will Get You IN - The portfolio is a selection of your work that best represents you as an artist and should stand out from the rest.

Read about Alternative art spaces: (Looking for) Art off the Beaten Track

January Newsletter

SEO Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website - Just it time to help you stick to that New Year’s list of resolutions - We have gathered some tips, that will help you stay up to date with the latest SEO trends.

Read about The Figurative Art of Benjamin L.M.

December Newsletter

How to Perfect Your Social Media Game - Are you a modern-day artist looking for ways to promote your work online? Our guide, on how to use social media platforms and build long-lasting connections online will help you navigate this challenge.

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November Newsletter

Blurring the Line Between Figuration and Abstraction - Until relatively recently, figuration and abstraction alternated, passing in and out of fashion and competing for the favor of the critics and the general public.

Read about Igniting the Passion of Feminine Liberation - Ignatius

October Newsletter

Planning A Marketing Strategy For Artists - Our Advice for Artists article discusses the basics for putting together your own marketing plan.

Read about The Garden of Dreamscape Delights

September Newsletter

All About Pop-Up Exhibitions - Our latest Advice article asks and answers: when exactly did pop-ups start "popping up", and how do they impact the art world?

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August Newsletter

Authenticating an Artwork - As a collector, you need to be sure that the work of art you're acquiring is in fact a one-of-a-kind authentic, original artwork. We’ve put together useful guidelines, to help you navigate the process.

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July Newsletter

How to Promote Your Photography on Instagram - Instagram offers unparalleled digital marketing opportunities for photographers. Our tips will show you how to create a presence for yourself and stand out from so many other accounts.

Read about Pictures of The Floating World – Satoco Yamamoto

June Newsletter

Advanced Tips for a Professional Artist Website - It’s 2018 - every professional artist should have a website! These tips offer insight on how to create and maintain an artist website that professionally showcases your artwork and ensures a visible, effective online presence.

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May Newsletter

Promoting Your Art On YouTube - YouTube can help you promote your art, expand your web presence, and make it easier for those interested in your work to find you. Follow our expert tips to connect with new and existing fans, as well as other artists by promoting your art on the world’s most popular video sharing platform.

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April Newsletter

Agora Gallery at artexpo - Agora Gallery is excited to participate in the 40th anniversary edition of artexpo New York, one of the biggest and most recognized art fairs in the United States. Our booth #502 will feature a selection of works by Agora artists in various media that includes painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, and prints.

Read about How to Take Great Photos of Your Artwork

March Newsletter

How to Participate in An Art Fair - Art fairs are a great opportunity for artists in terms of networking, securing sales and even achieving international success. They have become crucial in elevating local art scenes to an international level.

Read about 11 Days Left To Enter the Chelsea International Final Art Competition!

February Newsletter

The Use and Abuse of Imitation - Sometimes imitation works and sometimes it doesn’t. From 19th century art to contemporary rock music here are some of the traps and pitfalls imitation might present to an emerging artist.

Read about 10 New Year’s Resolutions To Give Your Art A Fresh Start

January Newsletter

Formal Art Education vs. Self-Taught Practice - On the Agora Advice blog this month, we cover the educational paths for both formally educated and self-taught artists.

Read about Collectors Corner: Tiny Artworks

December Newsletter

How To Prepare A Certificate of Authenticity - An essential document you should include with the sale of your work is a Certificate of Authenticity, or COA. Here’s your guide on how to prepare one, now up on the Agora Advice blog.

Read about Happy Holidays!

November Newsletter

All About Fine Art Prints - Learn everything you’ve ever needed to know about buying fine art prints, now up on our Collectors Corner blog.

Read about Now On View @ Agora

October Newsletter

Protecting Your Art: Copyrights - Read up on these safeguards and practices on the Agora Advice blog to ensure that your intellectual property remains your own.

Read about Announcing Agora Gallery at Shanghai Art Fair

September Newsletter

Agora Gallery at NYC’s Affordable Art Fair - This prestigious fair is frequented by New York art lovers for its approachable layout, transparency in pricing, and amazing selection of galleries and artworks.

Read about Enter Your Photos Before Time Runs Out!

August Newsletter

6 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Art - One of the important things about successful promotion is that it is targeted to the specific aims you have in mind.

Read about Spotlight on Nora Pineda...

July Newsletter

Navigating Economic Data - What Collectors Need To Know - With an ever-fluctuating market and evolving trends, it is crucial for art collectors to have a good understanding of the economic side of the art world.

Read about Last How to Write An Artist Profile...

June Newsletter

“Best In Show” at ICFF! - Agora Gallery was happy to have participated in ICFF last month at NYC’s Jacob Javits Center. Our booth was such a hit that we won Best in Show, or “Best Booth”, at the fair!

Read about Last Dealing with Artist’s Block...

May Newsletter

Painting From A “Sea Of Memories” - Sheree Friedman - Collectors often relate to the art they buy emotionally, and more often than not, it is because they identify with the artist’s process. Read about Sheree Friedman’s unique creative process, now up on the Advice for Artists blog.

Read about Last Month at ArtExpo...

April Newsletter

7 Masterpieces Rejected by Art Critics - Despite severe criticism, these famous artists continued to move forward and pursue their art with the same passion. Get inspired by their stories!

Read about Commissioning Artwork - What Collectors Need To Know

March Newsletter

Take a Virtual Tour of the Gallery - Can't make it to the gallery to see the current exhibition? We are excited to announce that by clicking the home page banner you can now take a virtual tour of Agora’s exhibitions even if you’re half the world away.

Read about Create a Professional Artist Page on Facebook

February Newsletter

The Right way To Enter Art Competitions - We would love to see your artwork on the walls of Agora as part of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition exhibition, but first, you have to enter and get selected! These guidelines simplify the process of entering art competitions, making the experience hassle-free, and ensuring that your entry gets the attention it deserves.

Read about A Touch of Teal

January Newsletter

Spotlight On: Clare Page - The luminously beautiful landscape photographs of Agora Gallery artist, Clare Page, reflect the free spirit and spontaneity of their creator.

Read about Caring For Your Art: Framing

December Newsletter

Finding Collectors Via Social Media - Some artists make the mistake of thinking that having a website is the only key to online sales. However, we at Agora Gallery have always been adamant about using social media to drive traffic to artist websites.

Read about The Art Of Gifting Art

January Newsletter

How To Build Your Own Frame - Framing is an integral part of creating as well as exhibiting your art and every artist should have some basic knowledge about it. Learn how to choose the right type of frame for your art and build it yourself!

Read about The Art Market - Investing In Original Art

October Newsletter

Curator’s Tips: A Collector’s Guide To Different Types Of Artists - What are the things you should consider before purchasing art from an emerging artist or commissioning a work?

Read about “How-To” Tutorials: 8 Benefits of Gallery Representation

September Newsletter

Art & Gallery News - As of August 11th, Agora Gallery became a single story gallery! The improved, gorgeous ground-level space will offer augmented exposure for artists and accessibility for collectors.

Read about Guide to Artist Representation Types

August Newsletter

Finding Art Collectors Via Social Media - Social Media is obviously incredibly important in our society nowadays, but do you know how to use that to your advantage in the art world? You can find collectors just by posting on social media, and we can help!

Read about A The Giclee Printing Process

July Newsletter

Marketing & Selling Non-Painting Art - Selling your own art can be hard enough, but what about selling your art when it's not a painting? Photographs, installations, and videos can be hard to market and sell, but we can help.

Read about A Constructive Criticism

June Newsletter

Connecting with Art Collectors - We’re all aware that the art market is changing, and now, it is not only galleries and artists, but also collectors, who are moving online to connect and interact with the art world. But how can you get in on the action?

Read about A What is a Limited Edition Print?

May Newsletter

ARTisSpectrum - 35th Issue is Online! - It's that time of the year again! The 35th issue of ARTisSpectrum is here and is available, either for free at the gallery or to purchase in select Barnes & Nobles around the country. A must-read for artists, collectors, and art world professionals.

Read about A Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Results!

April Newsletter

The Best way to Write an Artist Statement - It is essential for an artist to have a prepared statement ready to go at a moment's notice. But what should you include in your statement?

Read about A The Power of the Business Card & Why you Need One

March Newsletter

Positively Green - Artists are always looking for inspiration, and sometimes the simplest thing can be the most powerful. With St. Patrick's Day coming up this March, many of us will be pulling out our green clothing, regardless of whether we're wearing it to honor the Emerald Isle (Ireland) or to simply avoid getting pinched by our friends and family!

Read about A Breath of Mountain Air in Times Square

February Newsletter

New Abstract Art @ ARTmine - When an artist chooses to create something abstract, they choose to take a risk. They step back from what is concrete and attempt to create a work of art that is unknown and yet recognizable to the viewer. The focus is not so much on the artistic technique, but instead revolves around the overall sentiment in the artwork.

Read about The Truth Is...

January Newsletter

Your Artist CV - Writing a CV is probably one of the least creative things an artist can do, so it's no wonder so many artists procrastinate it. However, the CV can be an important tool in getting accepted into an exhibition, landing a job, or entering a competition.

Read about Missing: Chelsea Mural

December Newsletter

How To Create A Personal Artist Website - Do you have a website to show your artwork to potential buyers? A personal artist website is one of the most important things artists can have right now, and we've put together a basic guide to get you started. Learn what services can help you build your site and what you should include over at the advice blog.

Read about The Art of Buying Art?

November Newsletter

Gallery Wrapping & Framing Your Art for Exhibitions - We have often been asked, “What is the best way to display artwork in a gallery? Should I frame my paintings, or should I show them gallery wrapped?” It's an important question, and it's one that you should answer for yourself before you even begin your piece.

Read about Where Are They Now?

October Newsletter

Preparing for the Perfect Reception - We'll be having an opening reception at Agora Gallery on October 15th, and you're invited! What's the best way to prepare for your night of art in Chelsea? We recommend taking in a nice stroll around Flatiron, enjoying a sandwich in the park, and a luxurious trip to the salon.

Read about The Art of the Headshot

September Newsletter

The CIFAC Exhibition is Here! - Come check out the artists and works selected by the seven jurors of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Celebrating its 30th year, the Chelsea International Fine Arts Exhibition continues to bring new, exciting artists from every corner of the world to NYC.

Read about Save Money Shipping Artwork: Roll Your Art

August Newsletter

Film Screening on August 13th - The first two film screenings we've hosted have been huge successes! And we're going to be finishing off the summer of free films with Bill Cunningham New York: A Film by Richard Press.

Read about Seen on the Scene in NYC

July Newsletter

Agora Gallery Test Pilots Art App: Artbit - Artbit promises to change the way people interact with art in galleries and museums, and Agora Gallery is proud to be one of its first partners. The app uses visual recognition and technology to allow viewers to snap, identify, and interaction with an artwork.

Read about How to Turn a One-Time Buyer into a Collector

June Newsletter

Have you Seen These Paper Sculptures by Felix Semper? - Felix Semper, who showed his paintings with us in Unbound Perspectives from November-December, 2013 is back with us again, showing his extraordinary hand-cut paper sculptures. This is one you’re going to have to see in person to believe.

Read about Promoting Your Art: Context & Artist Statements

May Newsletter

Kinetic Art at Agora Gallery - Walter Rossi was born in Rome, but now lives in Brooklyn, where he works on his kinetic art. His four pieces in our space right now have been attracting quite a crowd! You can learn more about Walter on our blog.

Read about Best Spots in Chelsea

April Newsletter

Competition Results - Today, April 2nd, the results of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition were announced. We had an amazing selection of entries this year, and we don't envy the jurors the hard decision of selecting among them. Congratulations to all of the selected artists! If your work wasn't selected this time, don't be discouraged. You'll have every opportunity to try again next year with a new group of jurors!

Read about Putting Together the Next Issue of ARTisSpectrum

March Newsletter

Charity Event at Agora Gallery - In conjunction with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Agora Gallery will be hosting the charity event Young Professionals: A Joint Networking Event with World Childhood Foundation. Over the course of the evening, young professionals will mix art with business in order to benefit the worthy non-profit Childhood: World Childhood Foundation.

Read about New York Art Scene Update

February Newsletter

New York Art Scene Update - Central Park is one of New York City's most popular destination for tourists and residents alike. Personally, I love visiting Central Park to stroll the paths of snow in winter and to picnic in the Sheep Meadow in the summer. On my most recent visit I took in the sights of Blind Portraits by Sui Jianguo, a group of four monumental cast bronzes currently on view at the southeast corner of the park.

Read about Fine Art Competition

January Newsletter

Happy New Year! - While we're sad to see 2014 go, we're nothing but excited to welcome 2015. It's going to be a great year for Agora Gallery, our artists, and our fans. With many fantastic exhibitions in the works, 2015 is going to be our first full year in both the first and second floors of 530 West 25th St.

The new space has garnered a lot of attention so far, and we've been glad to show some extraordinary artwork there already!

Read about How To Do Just About Anything - Advice from Art Experts!

December Newsletter

Season's Greetings from Angela Di Bello, Gallery Director - The holidays are the perfect time to reflect and be grateful for all of the blessings in our lives, big or small.

This holiday season, as always, I wish you joy, peace, and love.

May the festive season bring you beauty and wonder, and may you herald in the New Year with those people who most fill your life with light and warmth.

Read about Happy Holidays from Agora Gallery!

November Newsletter

Carol Brooks Parker - Best of Nature Photography - Congratulations to Carol Brooks Parker! Not one but two of her awe-inspiring images were selected out of nearly a thousand to take part in the 2014 Best of Nature Photography Show. Carol's work shows both the reality of the scenes she depicts and her own reaction to what she sees, all presented through the artist's sensitivity to the natural world.

Read about Best of Nature Photography

October Newsletter

World Famous Artist Inaugurates Agora Gallery's New Street Level Space - Agora Gallery is excited to announce that we are expanding! On October 16th, we will be opening a street level exhibition space directly beneath our well-known second floor gallery, home to so many receptions and exhibitions. This lovely, elegant location, with its abundant light and high ceilings, will enable us to provide artists with new opportunities and act as an ideal space for anyone looking for a special place to host an art exhibition.

Read about Chelsea Film Festival

September Newsletter

Promoting Your Next Exhibition - 9 Ways to Get your Work Noticed - Do you know what you need to do promote your exhibitions successfully?

Having an exhibition of your work can feel like a triumph in itself - but to make the most of it, you need to put effort into publicizing the event. Many artists feel uncertain about this essential element of an artistic career, and it can seem as though the skills needed for marketing are not the same as those required for creative expression.

Read about Agora Gallery Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

August Newsletter

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition ExhibitionThe Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is a well-known art contest that accepts entries in diverse media from artists all over the world. Each year a new juror is chosen to review the entries, and some of the artists are selected to participate in an exhibition in New York.

Read about Agora Gallery Takes Art to Heart

July Newsletter

In Memory of Robert Paul SaphierAgora artist Robert Paul Saphier, who had battled with M.S. for over 40 years, passed away on June 5. His positivity, energy and enthusiasm made him a pleasure to encounter on both a personal and a professional level, and his beautifully composed and evocative images remain as testament to his sensitivity and talent.

Read about Chelsea Art Walk

June Newsletter

Artist Adam Kiger recently donated one of his atmospheric and thought-provoking works to Habitat for Humanity.

He'll be donating another soon and over the next year is planning to create and then donate a piece each for upwards of 15-20 partnering families.

Read about Adam Kiger Donates Art to Habitat for Humanity

May Newsletter

It's May - and at Agora Gallery, that means that ARTisSpectrum is about to hit the shelves of bookstores all over Manhattan! If you're not in New York and can't reach one of these stores or any of the other locations where ARTisSpectrum is available.

Read about ARTisSpectrum - the Chelsea Perspective

April Newsletter

Best Spring Art Events in NYC There's always something interesting going on in New York, and spring is a time of art fairs and excitement. Famous jewelers Fabergé are best known for their beautiful jeweled eggs, each one a work of art. This Easter, they are celebrating the holiday in style with The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt!

Read about CIFAC Announced the Juror Selected Artists!

March Newsletter

Call for Artists - Only 2 weeks left to enter! The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is one of the great artist opportunities of the year. With prizes that aim to provide direct, practical help to artists looking to develop their careers, this art contest represents a chance for artists to get their work the attention it deserves. If you haven't yet completed (or even started) your entry, now's the time to get your art out there and enter the competition today!!

Read about Enter the Art Competition

February Newsletter

February is National Heart Month As you may know, February is National Heart Month, and Agora Gallery and some of our artists are marking the occasion by giving back. Some of the artists from the February exhibitions have generously agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds of the sale of their artwork to the Children’s Heart Foundation(CHF), and Agora Gallery will be doing the same.

Read about Celebrating National Heart Month

January Newsletter

7 Tips to Improve Your Art in 2014 2014 has begun, so it's time to start thinking about how you'll make the most of it when it comes to your art and your artistic career. What you focus on will depend on you, where you are now, and where you want to be by 2015. For advice and tips about how to make 2014 your best year yet, check out this post on Agora Art. Good luck!

Read about Promote Your Art in 2014

December Newsletter

Visual Art China Agora Gallery is delighted to host 'Visual China, New York City 2013' - an exhibition which presents the beautiful and innovative work of Chinese artists who combine their familiarity with the traditions and artistic techniques of their heritage with a dynamic approach and contemporary feel.

Read about Seasons' Greetings from Agora Gallery

November Newsletter

30th Annversary - ARTisSpectrum The 30th Anniversary issue of ARTisSpectrum, Agora Gallery's popular contemporary art magazine is now online.

The cover and feature article salute the painters, sculptors, and photographers who relentlessly aspire to be challenged, inspire others and grow to reach greater levels of perfection. This special issue also contains: Agora Gallery's own Justine McCullough's in-depth look into Banksy's month long street art residency in New York City;

Read about Click to read November 2013 Newsletter

October Newsletter

Ingrid Jean-Baptiste brings World Cinema to Chelsea Agora Gallery proudly sponsors the Chelsea Film Festival, a new international film festival, founded by Ingrid & Sonia Jean-Baptiste to make the world a better place by giving a voice to the unheard.

Read about Click to read October 2013 Newsletter

September Newsletter

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition We're looking forward to the 2013 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition, which will open on August 16 and run until September 5, with an opening reception on the evening of August 22.

Read about Click to read September 2013 Newsletter

August Newsletter

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition We're looking forward to the 2013 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition, which will open on August 16 and run until September 5, with an opening reception on the evening of August 22.

Read about Click to read August 2013 Newsletter

July Newsletter

Agora Gallery is on YouTube Agora Gallery has a lively YouTube presence, with a channel of videos that capture the excitement and animation of reception nights, highlight the talent and skill of some of our artists, and provide useful hints and advice to artists looking to increase their own capabilities and opportunities.

Read about Click to read July 2013 Newsletter

June Newsletter

ARTopoly Thumbs Up!! for Agora Gallery Director and ARTisSpectrum Editor-in-Chief Angela Di Bello and Keith Butler, who designed the striking ARTopoly cover image.

ARTisSpectrum is an absolute must-read for artists and art lovers who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of the art scene in New York and abroad. Pick up a copy in Barnes & Noble, at stores around Manhattan, by visiting Agora Gallery in person or online.

Read about Click to read June 2013 Newsletter

May Newsletter

Robert Oelman and KICKSTARTER Robert Oelman, whose beautiful nature photography was on display at Agora Gallery last year, has opened a Kickstarter project to fund the amazing project he'd like to do next - a documentary capturing his journey deep into the rainforests of South America to discover the world's most exotic insects.

Read about Click to read May 2013 Newsletter

April Newsletter

In Memory of Loretta Bagnoli We were greatly saddened to hear the news of the untimely death of Loretta Bagnoli, a talented artist who exhibited her memorable work at Agora Gallery in 'The Odyssey Within' in 2008-9.

Loretta was a warm, kind and very special individual whose art was a vital part of her life and approach to the world.

Read about Click to read April 2013 Newsletter

March Newsletter

The Art of Papier-Mâché Monique Robert is a talented sculptor who develops innovative techniques to enable her materials to keep up with her creativity. She has published a book, 'Papier Mache Design: advanced techniques' , which explains some of her unique methods. This book is a fascinating read in its own right, stretching the boundaries of what is physically possible and letting the imagination have free rein, and is ideal for any artist looking to expand their knowledge of how to craft magnificent yet stable sculptures.

Read about Click to read March 2013 Newsletter

February Newsletter

"Art to Heart" in Support of the Children's Heart Foundation February is Heart Month in America, a time to give thought to the nationwide problem of heart and blood vessel diseases, and to think about what we can each do to help those suffering from heart diseases, and their families.

Read about Click to read February 2013 Newsletter

January Newsletter

New York Impressions On her recent visit to New York, Judy Talacko shared the following thoughts and recommendations with the Agora Gallery staff.

"In 4 days we visited, Chelsea Market, Ground Zero, Staten Island, Times Square and walked the streets of New York. We went to the Top of the Rock on the evening of the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting, the Picasso exhibition at the Guggenheim and also spent time exploring Central Park.

Read about Click to read January 2013 Newsletter

December Newsletter

Humanitarians Agora Gallery represented artist Mike Elliott recently took part in an amazing trek through the Himalayan Mountains. He and his group were raising funds for improving the technological capabilities of a high school in an impoverished and remote region of Nepal. Not everything went as planned, but despite that the trip was an enormous success, on so many levels. Congratulations, Mike!

Read about Click to read December 2012 Newsletter

November Newsletter

Greetings from Agora Gallery Among the consequences of hurricane Sandy was the loss of power in many areas, including Chelsea. When Agora Gallery's staff arrived in the morning, relieved to discover that the gallery was unharmed and all the works intact, we were faced with the challenge of how to install the new exhibition, which was due to open soon, without light. We knew the power would be up before long - as indeed it was - but did not want to waste precious time that would delay the opening of the show.

Read about Click to read November 2012 Newsletter

October Newsletter

Young Artists for St. Jude - October 18 in NYC The 2nd Annual Young Artists for St. Jude event benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, will be held on October 18th in New York City. This exciting evening will feature a silent auction of donated works by young, emerging talent, as well as cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and live entertainment by up-and-coming local artists. The event will celebrate the art of expression with this years’ theme “Free to Be” and raise awareness and funds for St. Jude and their Child Life Program. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Read about Click to read October 2012 Newsletter

September Newsletter

Marcia's Triathlon ... She Did It Agora Gallery artist Marcia Feller recently took part in a fantastic but enormously challenging sporting event - the Revolution 3 Triathlon. Marcia not only took part, but even made it onto the podium - an impressive achievement. Here's her account of the day:

"On Sunday, August 26, the Rev 3 Triathlon came to town. Over 1100 men and women competed in either the Half Ironman or the Olympic Triathlon.

Read about Click to read September 2012 Newsletter

August Newsletter

Legendary Auctions Dick Perez specializes in dynamic, evocative paintings representing characters and key moments from the history of baseball. His mastery of paint combines with his lifelong affection for and interest in baseball to create images of heart-stopping power.

The crowd of more than 200 client-collectors at 'Legendary Auctions' 4th Annual Live Auction clearly felt this way recently - Dick's painting 'Cobb Sliding,' which is part of his iconic Conlon Collection...

Read about Click to read August 2012 Newsletter

July Newsletter

Humanitarians Celebrating the inherent creativity found in helping others, self-taught artist Michelle Benjamin helps to define what it means to be a humanitarian. During her visit to New York for her art exhibition she proudly shared bracelets with Agora Gallery staff members.These were not just any ordinary bead bracelets, they represented so much more - "a lifeline." Relate is a South African not-for-profit social enterprise that creates opportunities to change lives. Each bracelet sold raises funds to support Ikamva Labantu programs to educate and empower women.

Read about Click to read July 2012 Newsletter

June Newsletter

What's Hot on Broadway The visual art in New York is a continual delight to both residents and visitors, but of course there's more than one way to enjoy yourself in the Big Apple! One of our artists, Read about Cary Griffiths, came to NYC for his exhibition at Agora Gallery along with his wife, Katharine English, and they managed to find time to take in three Broadway shows while they were here. You can see what a great time they had!

Read about Click to read June 2012 Newsletter

May Newsletter

The Art of Fashion There has always been a close connection between fashion and fine art, but many people are not aware of the enormous impact art has had on fashion in recent years. This fascinating topic was recently addressed by Charles McGrath of the NY Times and forms the focus of the cover article of the 27th issue of ARTisSpectrum. In Pomp & Exaltation: The Influence of Fine Art on Fashion, the reader can get a sense of the endless possibilities that such a collaboration can create and of the marvelous innovations it has already sparked.

Read about Click to read May 2012 Newsletter

April Newsletter

April 5th - Opening Reception On the evening of Thursday, April 5, 2012, a special crowd gathered at Agora Gallery in preparation for the opening reception of our current exhibitions, Read about Elements of Abstraction, Read about Portals of Perception and the solo exhibition featuring the work of Fred Friedrich. The artists who had been able to make it to New York to take part in the event chatted to gallery staff and got to know each other before the doors were opened to admit the art lovers who had come to enjoy the art, the atmosphere and of course the experience of meeting the artists themselves.

Read about Click to read April 2012 Newsletter

March Newsletter

The Humanitarians - Bruce Collin and the Chandra Project In Kausani, a mountain village in northern India, single mothers and their children struggle with dire financial and emotional issues. A husband’s death or desertion can destroy a family’s structure; without a father’s income, mothers are left with the burden of raising dejected, despondent children who are often forced to drop out of school and seek sub-standard employment.

Read about Click to read March 2012 Newsletter

February Newsletter

January 19th - Opening Reception- The reception for Read about Figuratively Speaking, Portal to EnigmaRead about and Degrees of Abstraction took place at Agora Gallery on Thursday January 19, 2012. A large, lively and diverse crowd gathered and there was a great feeling of energy in the rooms. Many of the artists whose work was featured in the exhibitions were able to attend the show, and this added a special, dynamic element to the atmosphere.

Read about Click to read February 2012 Newsletter

January Newsletter

The Humanitarians - Chantal Westby- Read about Chantal Westby recently visited Haiti for the second time, helping to provide people there with health care, clothing, school supplies, toys and exposure to the arts. The experience was a moving one which left a strong impression on her about the importance of helping to improve the situation there. .

Read about Click to read January 2012 Newsletter

December Newsletter

Nathan Sawaya at the Nassau County Museum of Fine Art- The works of fabulous fine artist Nathan Sawaya, whose chosen medium is LEGO bricks, will be exhibited at the Nassau County Museum of Fine Art, in Roslyn, from December 10, 2011 through March 18, 2012. This show will be a significant event for the artist, whose first solo show in New York took place at Agora Gallery in 2010.

Read about Click to read December 2011 Newsletter

November Newsletter

Saturday Sharing: an artist luncheon - Some time ago, Agora Gallery’s Director, Angela Di Bello, had a vision of getting a group of visiting artists together in a relaxed, social setting to share ideas and thoughts about the artistic process, studio practice and all the aspects of life as an artist.

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October Newsletter

Racing for the Cure - On Sunday September 18, 2011, a big crowd gathered in Central Park. The people were wearing t-shirts and running shoes and holding bottles of water. It was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event which happens every year at about this time, and Team Agora were proud to participate, knowing that we were helping in a small way to combat breast cancer.

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September Newsletter

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition Reception - On Thursday, August 25, 2011 Agora Gallery opened its doors to welcome art enthusiasts to the reception of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition. The show is an annual event which features the works of artists who have been selected by the competition juror. This year's juror was Elisabeth Sherman, of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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August Newsletter

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition- It’s August at Agora Gallery, and that can mean only one thing – the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition! Agora Gallery is proud to host this event annually, showcasing the remarkable artwork of juror-selected artists from around the world.

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july Newsletter

Opening Reception - July 7 - What a beautiful and fascinating evening July 7th, 2011 was at Agora Gallery's current exhibition reception. Patrons swirled about the room in what can only be imagined as an enchanted dance of sublimated cultural happenings.

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june Newsletter

Aelita Andre - Sold out show!!! - In a media whirlwind, four-year-old artist Aelita Andre has turned the NY and international art scene upside down. Within two weeks of the exhibition opening, the entire collection displayed in the show had been sold out.

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May Newsletter

Kudos and Accolades - Steven R Hill has been awarded his 2nd “Best of Show” within 6 months at the 42nd Annual Ocean Shores Juried Fine Arts Competition, April 9th, at Ocean Shores Washington. Jurist, Arthur Egeli, gave Hill a cash award of $1000, plus a beautiful hand-blown fluted blue glass vase (in lieu of a blue ribbon) as his prize.

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April Newsletter

April at Agora Gallery - The reception for Agora Gallery’s bi-annual Altered States of Reality exhibit on April 21, 2011 was an evening to remember and enjoy. Represented artists who have exhibited with Agora Gallery for years, David LaBella, Carolyn Rogers and Shifra, took this opportunity to meet and share their techniques with new artists and onlookers alike.

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March Newsletter

Japan: Our thoughts are with you - Agora Gallery represents artists from all over the world, including Japan, and many of our Japanese artists visited New York this month for the opening reception of Matrix of the Mind: Contemporary Fine Art by Japanese Artists. We have been shocked and distressed by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and our hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected.

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February Newsletter

International Call for Artists - Agora Gallery is now accepting entries for the 26th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Open to visual artists worldwide over the age of 18. We accept all media with the exception of video art, film, performance art, jewelry and crafts. Awards with a total value of $38,000 will be distributed to selected artists.

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January Newsletter

January at Agora Gallery - "There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless" - Simone De Beauvoir. These words were clearly illustrated at the January 13th, 2011 Collective Exhibition reception, which offered visitors another exhilarating evening here at Agora Gallery.

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December Newsletter

Greeting Card Contest - Many thanks to all the artists who submitted an entry to our Greeting Card Contest. It was open to all of our represented artists, and we received so many wonderful images that choosing just one to use was a very difficult decision!

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Japanese October Newsletter

ジャパニーズコンテンポラリーファインアート展覧会、作品募集- “ジャパニーズコンテンポラリーファインアート展覧会 Matrix of the Mind” (2011年3月1日~開催予定) に出品されたいという、 新進気鋭の日本人アーティストならびに日本で活動されている外国人アーティストの皆様からの ご応募を現在受けつけております。

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November Newsletter

ARTisSpectrum - NOW ONLINE - A fabulous new ARTisSpectrum is coming out this month! The 24th issue of Agora Gallery's popular contemporary art magazine is packed with profiles of talented artists and fantastic articles for your reading pleasure, which will help you keep up to date with what's going on in the art world.

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German October Newsletter

Die 1. deutsche Ausstellung hat erfolgreich in New York statt gefunden!- Unsere Ausstellung Contemporary German Art: The New York Experience wurde deutscher Kunst und Kultur gewidmet. In diesem Sinne wurde im März die erste deutsche Ausstellung in der Agora Gallery organisiert und mit Begeisterung gefeiert. Sammler und Kunstliebhaber hatten die Möglichkeit einen Eindruck von zeitgenössischer deutscher Kunst zu gewinnen.

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October Newsletter

AGORA GALLERY Hosts: The NYPPA "Year in Pictures" Annual Exhibit - The New York Press Photographer's Association "Year in Pictures" Annual Exhibit will showcase the winning images from its annual contest. This year's exhibition features photographs taken during 2009 which were selected from more than 2,000 entries by a three-member panel of judges.

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September Newsletter

TEAM AGORA AT RACE FOR THE CURE® - Team Agora (From left to right: Beverly, Sabrina, Chiara, Nellie, Clara, and Angela) ran/walked in the Race for the Cure in Central Park on Sunday, September 13th. Agora Gallery Director Angela Di Bello, wrote the following about the experience. "We were joined by more than 25,000 people who gathered to raise money in order to fight breast cancer.

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Agust Newsletter

ART START - Our Exhibition Coordinator, Nellie Scott, has always felt that art is an important part of her life. That doesn't stop at her professional work - for some time now, she has been volunteering at Art-Start, a New York organization that uses art to help underprivileged children and young people in the area. She wrote about her experiences on the Agora Gallery blog. .

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Summer Newsletter

The 2010 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Results - The summer season is definitely on its way, and Agora Gallery offers visitors to New York a comfortable way to enjoy the sun and the city’s world famous art district at the same time. Spending the day in Chelsea? Pop into Agora Gallery to refresh yourself with a complementary cold summer spritzer and a look at some fabulous contemporary art. Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm

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Spring Newsletter

Agora Gallery is pleased to announce the results of the 2010 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. The competition is renowned for having some of the most prominent museum curators and art experts engaged in the jurying process. What a wonderful way to keep your artwork in the forefronts of the minds of important art experts!

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Fall Newsletter

Your New York Art Gallery - Premier Art Space Available to Rent - Agora Gallery is proud to announce the launch of a new and exciting venture allowing galleries who are based outside the New York area to establish a presence in NY’s West Chelsea art gallery district. ‘Your New York Art Gallery’ offers the opportunity to rent prime gallery space in which to host an exhibition, hold receptions, and display artwork, raising awareness of what the gallery has to offer, and establishing it firmly as a prestigious part of the international art world.

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Summer Newsletter

Share Your Art News, Views and Insights - Agora Gallery has recently developed its online presence by entering into the social media scene. With our new blog at, full of items of interest to artists and the art world, a flourishing facebook fan page complete with photos of recent receptions and a twitter account with regular art news tweets, it has never been easier to keep up-to-date with the work and events at Agora Gallery, our artists and the world of international art.

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Spring 2009

2009 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Selected Artists - Agora Gallery is pleased to announce the results of the 2009 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is a renowned juried art contest that has been juried by prominent museum curators and art experts. “Carving a space for new talent is very much at the core of our business,” says Agora Gallery Director Angela Di Bello who has vast experience on the art circuit.

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Winter 2008/9

Happy Holidays - As we celebrate this holiday season, we at Agora Gallery wish for joy in your hearts and peace in the world. And as we look ahead to the New Year, let us do so with the fervent hope that our days will be guided by the love and respect that we feel for one another the whole year through.

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The Signs of Autumn at Agora Gallery - Autumn is one of the most amazing seasons of the year and it is turning out to be a great Autumn here at Agora Gallery. Our September and October exhibitions opened spectacularly, generating a host of interest in the artists and their artwork. With the leaves continuing to fall, we look forward to two November exhibition openings ...

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A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way - There’s only one place where you’ll find a forecast of Chelsea’s future, an intimate conversation with multidisciplinary artist Patrick Mimran, and a guide to where urban street trends, fashion and pop art converge. ARTisSpectrum: The Chelsea Perspective delivers this and more. Recently released the May 2008 issue of ARTisSpectrum takes a glimpse into the lives and work of more than 50 artists who’ve exhibited across the globe. Filled with engaging editorials and profound imagery, it’s an absolute a must-read for artists and art lovers who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of the art scene in New York and abroad...

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Read about Spring 2008

2008 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Selected Artists - The competition was juried by Manon Slome, chief curator of the Chelsea Art Museum, New York. Manon Slome is an independent curator and art consultant in New York . During her six year tenure at the Guggenheim Museum in New York , she curated Africa: The Art of a Continent and China: 5000 Years . She also curated The Art of the Motorcycle at the Guggenheim's space in Bilbao , Spain . Formerly the Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Manon has produced numerous collections and independent gallery shows in New York , London and Hong Kong...

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From the Director: A note of inspiration for the holidays: remember that it is about creating magical moments, celebrating the season with loved ones, and sharing your joy and wonderment with the world. May you venture into the New Year with “gusto”, believing in yourself and the gifts that only you can manifest. Have a blessed, joyous and magical holiday...

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Read about Summer 2007

We Speak Your Language - Art is a universal language, a primal form of communication which transcends the various barriers of the human condition. Writings about art are unfortunately still limited to the languages and dialects of the various regions of the globe, however Agora Gallery has grown a little closer in universality to the works it represents by reworking the Agora Gallery website, and launching it in a whole new range of languages. Whether your native tongue is French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, or English, you will now be able to explore the latest in the New York contemporary art scene, browse the range of services provided by the gallery, contact gallery representatives, hire art, and much much more at...

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Read about Spring 2007

2007 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.- The competition was juried by Tina Kukielski, senior curatorial assistant at the Whitney Museum, New York City. Ms. Kukielski has recently curated The New City : Sub/urbia in Recent Photography (2005-06). She is currently authoring the artist chronology for the Matta-Clark exhibition catalogue and is organizing the forthcoming retrospective of the work of Gordon Matta-Clark (2007)....

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