530 West 25th Street, New York, NY  Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
530 West 25th Street, New York, NY  Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
530 West 25th Street
Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Meet Our Team

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Ariel Kahana Ariel Kahana, Owner, studied industrial design and computer science. As the son of the founder, Ariel gained a great deal of inside knowledge of the art world from his mother. He inherited Agora Gallery in 2001 and has since been involved in the development of the gallery and the integration of new technologies in the art field.
Angela Di Bello Angela Di Bello、ディレクター、 プライベートや企業のアートコンサルタントとして、ニューヨークのアート市場での25年以上の経験をアゴラギャラリーにもたらした;アーティストを代表して、AT&T、英国航空、ニューヨーク連邦準備銀行とファイザー社を含む多くのフォーチュン500社の他、著名な民間美術コレクションに仕事を持つ。リンカーンセンターでの権威あるギャラリーのディレクターとしてDi Bello氏は、重要なコレクターと共に、数多くのアーティストのキャリアの開発、絵画、彫刻、そして写真を配置することに尽力した。リンカーンセンターにいる間、彼女はまた、メトロポリタンオペラギルド印刷プログラムを設立した。
Eleni Cocordas Eleni Cocordas, Director, attended art school in Philadelphia, where she majored in photography and printmaking, along with a BA in American Art History, Eleni has worked for prominent New York museums as MoMA and the American Museum of Natural History and cultural organizations as the Japan Society. For more than twenty-five years she has specialized in collaborations with artists on site-specific installations and traveling exhibitions, for which she has traveled the world-over.
Sabrina A Gilbertson Sabrina A. Gilbertson、アシスタント・ディレクター、 BFAの学位を、絵画における重点研究領域と副専攻で美術史をボストン大学にて取得。 Sabrinaはまた、イタリアの信徒会インテルディ·グラフィカでスタジオの芸術を研究し、スタジオアシスタントとしての海外旅行が、アートへの理解を深めた。サービス業界での就労経験もある。
Anna Lustberg Anna Lustberg, Assistant Director, is a graphic design professional with a devotion to the arts. Having earned a BA in Communication and minor in Art from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she continues to pursue learning about contemporary art and design by taking courses at esteemed institutions in NYC. Her experience working in galleries includes liaising with artists and their representatives, sales, social media promotion and organizing exhibitions. She is inspired by working with artists; their passion fuels her own.
Natalie Adam Natalie Adam, Exhibition Coordinator / Registrar, received a BA from Montclair State University in Fine Arts with a specialization in painting, as well as a BA in Psychology. She continues to pursue her appreciation and love for art by taking painting and printmaking classes at the New York Academy of Art. She has experience as a custom framer and designer working with artists to prepare for upcoming exhibitions and art fairs.
Carolina Carilo Carolina Carilo、 コンクールコーディネーター、コロンビアのボゴタ出身で、ファインアートにおける文学士号と、印刷における重点研究、美術教育における大学院学位を取得。熟練したワークショップアーティストの彼女は、文化マネージメントで勤務し、美術教育における経験を積んだ。彼女自身アーティストとして、彼らの製作期間中に助けることが大好きである。
Roanna Cada Roanna Cada, Graphic Designer, has a Bachelor's Degree in IT, specializing in digital arts. She has years of experience working on web and graphic design. She enjoys working on graphic materials for Agora Gallery, drawing inspiration from artworks of the gallery's represented artists. Gaining new perspectives in fine art, she is fond of reviewing artworks of emerging artists and grasping their passion with their art.
Andra Bilici Andra Bilici, Social Media Coordinator, is a communications consultant with an extensive experience in Social media as well as Corporate Communication. She has studied philology, PR & Communication while pursuing her passion and interest for art. Andra enjoys working on various marketing initiatives, promoting artists during their representation and integrating contemporary art into the fast-paced social media world.
Eduardo Dy Eduardo Dy, PR Liaison, graduated from a business school and is a experienced press expert, with years of involvement in contemporary art marketing. He is responsible for advertising our exhibitions to local and international media, constantly looking for new leads to promote our artists to large audiences.
Yuqi Pan Yuqi Pan, Gallery Assistant, is currently enrolled in BFA Illustration Program in School of Visual Arts. Originally from modern-day urban Shanghai, she appreciates both Chinese and western art and is working toward strengthening the connection.

潘郁奇是亚高洛的画廊助手, 是一名来自纽约视觉艺术学院插画系的学生。生长于大都市上海的她致力于将亚高洛画廊推广给更多更广的中国群体。 与此同时,她也坚信自己对于中西方文化的独到见解能帮助双方构建一个更广阔和友好的艺术世界。
Yuqi Pan Yueming Qu-McNaught, Public Relations Associate, has two masters – An MFA from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and an MA from The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. She is passionate about making art connections between China and United States to foster diversity in Agora Gallery showcases while helping artists locally and abroad.


Meet our Representatives

Maria Stella Maria Stella looks through many portfolios of different artists every day, gaining new inspirations for herself from the creativity shared all around the world. A philosopher both in her soul and in her education, she is also a dedicated art lover and amateur musician. To her, art and music are the main sources of a happy life.
Bev Santok Bev Santok has obtained a graduate degree in Marketing and Corporate Communications. She is a very optimistic person and enjoys traveling across the globe. She has always been inspired by fine art photographers, as she dreams to work on her own photography someday.