Engaging the Full Spectrum
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
James Ross
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Engaging the Full Spectrum
October 27 - November 17, 2020
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 29, 2020, 6-8 pm

James Ross Chisholm’s paintings depict the scenic landscape of the Northeastern coast of the United States. In a nod to the French and American 19th-Century landscape painters, Chisholm works en plein air. By inserting himself directly into nature, Chisholm has developed an interest in how the atmospheric conditions influence his compositions. He welcomes nature’s accidents and uses the unpredictability as an artistic impetus. How will the cold impact his palette? Will the rain leave traces on his canvas? How will the light, color, or mood change?

Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Chisholm’s work can be found in collections throughout Massachusetts and New York. A graduate of Northeastern University, receiving his Bachelor of Science, Chisholm later attended the Boston Museum School and the Massachusetts College of Art where he received his Master of Science in Art Education and where he has been teaching art since 1973.

James Ross Chisholm Up-close
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