Artexpo Art Fair - New York
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
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Artexpo Art Fair - New York
October 28 - October 31, 2021
Opening Reception: Friday, October 29, 2021, 6-8 pm
The Run for the Boot

The Run for the Boot Glossy Metal Print 48" x 86"

Photographer Danny Johananoff is a New York based photographer known for his abstract style. Johananoff is represented by Agora Gallery and exhibits his work in NY, Miami, Rome, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The artist has been exhibiting his work since 2018 and since then, his unique style has gained great momentum in the art community.

He discusses his artistic method as ‘painting with a camera.’ His images are often blurred and surreal, but are never edited to achieve that effect. He begins each photo expedition with no expectations or notions on what he may see and shoot. He opens himself up to the possibility of anything that provokes an emotion. It is this feeling and point of view he wishes to transmit to the viewer.

The artist's passion is continuously deepening through his travels. As he discovers juxtaposing landscapes and vastly different circumstances in different parts of the world, he allows his curiosity and experiences to inform his lens. Johananoff believes his well-developed perspective allows beauty to be seen in any arena, from the war-torn Middle East to remote areas of the world, untouched by the hands of modernity.

Danny Johananoff Up-close
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Danny<br />Johananoff Up-close
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