How to Show Artwork in New York City Galleries

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As a professional artist you know the importance of representation by a well established gallery, particularly in New York City. You may also be aware that there are many ways by which galleries function as businesses in the US and elsewhere. In regard to the New York art market, galleries work with artists in one of the following four ways:

1. Commission based galleries are generally paid a 50 - 60% commission of the selling price of the artwork. These galleries show art by artists who are well established, have a proven track record of sales; furthermore, the artists already have an established collector base in the Metropolitan area as well as nationally and internationally. These galleries provide advertising, promotion and exhibitions.

2. Co-Op galleries generally charge the artist a monthly fee and provide a listing in a local art publication announcing the exhibition. For the most part, the artist has the responsibility of producing their own promotional material and is often required to participate by "sitting in the gallery". Many of these galleries also collect a commission from the sale of artwork. Exposure and promotion is often limited to showing artwork and providing the listing; little to no online exposure is provided.

3. Art fairs and Expos are organized by various organizations, not always art related, and usually last for 3 - 7 days. They are usually very expensive, and there are additional costs to basic packages; often times artists do not find out about these additional costs until after they have committed. The other downside is that many art fairs are flooded with wall to wall art, and crafts. Original art is frequently mixed in with catalogue companies and reproductions. Please ask questions before committing.

4. Representational galleries, such as Agora Gallery, provide promotion to emerging and established artists with one year of representation and the option to renew representation at a reduced fee. Galleries working in this format provide a range of services.

Agora Gallery has been part of the New York art scene since 1984, showing art in this dynamic and challenging environment. It is well established in the New York and international art markets. The services provided by Agora Gallery to our artists are explicitly stated in a written agreement.

Agora Gallery provides comprehensive promotional and exhibition services; artists who accept representation are required to pay a representation fee for the advertising and promotional services provided by the Gallery. The advanced level of promotion is significant and includes: magazine listings, display advertisements, press releases, postcards, art marketing, targeted client presentations, personalized PR efforts, museum submissions, online announcements, participation in a collective exhibition with an opening reception and online representation on the two gallery web sites. The gallery's sites are two of the highest ranking art web sites on the Internet today. The commission structure on the sale of art is 70% for the artist and 30% for the gallery.

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