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Our dedicated team of art experts promote and provide guidance to each represented artist; introducing their work to a wider audience, increasing their exposure and helping them to develop their art careers. Similarly, we work closely with collectors to advise them in their search for the perfect artwork for any space and budget requirement.

Art Exhibitions

Agora Gallery presents a diverse schedule of solo and collective art exhibitions, which are open to the public and feature the work of artists from around the world. We also feature exhibitions in which we collaborate with and feature art organizations as well as galleries that are not native to NYC.
View photos & videos of our receptions.

Artist Promotion

All of our represented artists benefit from promotional efforts by Agora Gallery, both online and in print, to advertise their artwork and exhibitions. Agora Gallery’s website was launched in 1996 and since then has evolved to become a leading contemporary art site on the Internet. Each represented artist is promoted with a personal artist page and has available artwork listed for sale on
Read more about artist promotion packages.

Advice for Artists

Thanks to our years of experience in the New York market and the global art world, Agora Gallery commands considerable expertise. We offer valuable advice to artists on a range of topics, from practical tips on packing and shipping artwork, to suggestions for promotional possibilities and career development, to helpful hints for artists to find inspiration and their own unique voice, and more.
Get expert advice on how to promote your art.

Fine Art Competition

Sponsored by Agora Gallery, this annualfine art competition is juried by prominent art experts. Awards include participation in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition exhibition, promotion online and in print, cash prizes, and more. The awards are designed to assist artists advance their careers and to maximize their exposure to collectors and the international art community.

Art Consultation

We understand that finding the perfect piece for a particular space can be a challenge. At Agora Gallery we offer professional consultation services to individuals looking for artwork. Our experienced and professional staff will assist you to determine what you are looking for and give advice about available options.
Learn more about our art consultation services for collectors.

Art Acquisition Tips

Collecting art can appear daunting if you lack experience of the fine art world. However, while there is always more to learn, there is no reason to let uncertainty hold you back from making the right purchase. If you are not sure where to begin or would like advice regarding art acquisition, read our tips on
how to choose the perfect artwork.

ARTmine provides collectors, consultants, art buyers, architects and interior designers the opportunity to view and purchase original artwork by emerging and established artists from around the world. ARTmine is one of the most comprehensive resources available worldwide of fine art for sale.
Find original artwork for your home or office on ARTmine.

Art Leasing

Want to try a piece of artwork out in a space before you buy it? Is there a space you’d like to keep fresh with regularly changing artworks? In either case, leasing art can be a great option, providing flexibility and the ability to develop a sense for how different works will look in your space.
Find out how to lease art from Agora Gallery.

ARTisSpectrum Magazine

Published biannually, our fine art magazine is sold at select Barnes & Noble bookstores and distributed to museums, galleries, art institutions and to our gallery visitors and art buyers. ARTisSpectrum features the work of emerging and established artists from around the globe and publishes articles, reviews and interviews.
Read the latest Issue of ARTisSpectrum Magazine.

Social Media Initiatives

Dedicated to promoting artists and getting art to art lovers, Agora Gallery created three art blogs, Agora Art Advice, Agora Art News, and Agora Art. Each art blog is devoted to sharing and educating artists and art lovers about a different aspect of the fine art world. Artists and collectors stay in touch with Agora Gallery through our Facebook page and can read the latest news via our Twitter feed, @Agora_Gallery.

You are invited to learn more about Agora Gallery's experienced and knowledgeable staff or view photos of the gallery.

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