Avant New-York, Yuta Strega expose son << Concerto >> à Villefranche

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Yuta Strega

Before New York, Yuta Strega shows her “Concerto” in Villefranche
Fine Arts. Yuta Strega is having an exhibition in Villefranche. A rare event, not to be missed.

She paints, she teaches, she travels, she creates a garden, a landscape, just like in life. Yuta Strega is all this, and yet much more. She is an observer reading beings and things, careful listener, always happy to express or narrate the world, sometimes to paint it. She sometimes shows her works in Germany (her country of origin), in the United States, in Japan, in Lebanon, and in Palestine, without forgetting France, in the Espace Cardin, Paris, as well as in the provinces, and sometimes in her small village of Rouergue. The happening event is of importance, which is the case in Villefranche, with her exhibition “Concerto” at the City Museum (place de la Fontaine). Since her last exhibition in 1996 in the fortified city; her fans have not been able to admire her works. Many of her fans – several of her students - were happy to see their guide, their queen, their goddess. Yuta initiated her teaching practice firstly in Najac, then in Rignac and Bournazel, and has also taught in Gaza, in six French schools and in the Fine Art School, and in the Naplouse University (Palestine). Yuta wants to give, share and receive, being Buddhist herself, just like in music the viola and the cello. Both a complaint and an unveiled sweetness, her “concerto” is an invitation to enter in her world. The artist confesses “sharing the fire that one does not want to keep for himself alone”. Her exhibition offers a great journey through time and space, filled with light and colors, with wide open windows onto the infinite.

She chose to move to Najac twenty years ago, an appointment with herself, under the protection of the castle. The knights are no longer and the princess watches over the premises. The artist is solitary yet becomes flamboyant with others. Between the library during the day and the month for women, the theater, the concerts and the jazz festival in September, Yuta does not spare her friends and volunteers. A fairy has landed in Najac and is only absent when her wings bring her to far distanced destination of the world.

Friday evening, the venue of the museum of Villefranche was too small for the reception of her “Concerto”, with an artist as moved as the attendees. Yuta invited all visitors to write a thought or a poem and to put it inside the large sculptures holes (please see photograph). She did not read any but they will accompany her everywhere, letting time shape her sculpture. This year, Yuta will not go to the stars but will take another path. Her path is filled with stars that follow her always.

The concerto of Yuta is international
The exhibition of contemporary art by Yuta Strega is taking place in the City Museum “Urbain Cabrol” of Villefranche, place de la Fontaine, until August 31st.
Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to noon and 2:30pm to 6:30pm (free).
She will then showing her works in the “Pont des Arts” in Marcillac from September 4th thorugh September 30 (Moulin du Comte).
The Americans will then welcome her from October 5th through October 26th in at Agora Gallery, New York City.

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