7 th Fair of Contemporary Art 24 / 1 – 28 / 1/ 2008, Palacio de Congresos del Paseo de La Castellana, Madrid, Spain.

Sophia Angelis "DeARTE" in Madrid, Spain.

During the Greek painter's Sophia Angelis participation in the exhibition "GESTOS" in Barcelona, Spain, that is being held from 6/1 till 6/29/2007 at GaleriaZero, she has been accepted an honorable proposal by the curator of the exhibition to participate in Art Fair in Madrid in January of 2008 ( 7 th Fair of Contemporary Art) at "Palacio de Congresos del Paseo de La Castellana" in Spain.

Sophia Angelis, apart from this Spanish Gallery, is represented by Agora Gallery of New York, a Gallery that since 1984 has been representing and promoting up-and-coming as well as established artists at Chelsea of New York and worldwide.

On December 14, 2007 she will exhibit in New York her works in the exhibition "The Odyssey Within".

Regarding her total work, the director of Agora Gallery mrs Angela Dibello, has written the following comment:

"While Sophia Angelis lives and works in Greece , her art transcends her residency. Armed with universal themes and an urgent desire to convey messages the everyday observers often overlook, Angelis paints with strength, joy and thought-provoking optimism.

For years Angelis struggled with serial tragedies that threatened to bind her, much like the ships tied at the jetty in her A' Period. However Angelis' triumph has been in realizing the vanity of our existence, reconciling with death and finding strength in the joy of life.

Sophia Angelis ' work explores the power of color and symbolism. From splendid landscapes to her portrayals of Greek culture, her paintings are poetry on canvas. She vividly expresses autobiographical experiences and existential quests in an attempt for a deeper perception into the human soul. Through her work, Sophia Angelis beckons the viewer to stop and rediscover life's true treasures, nature, peace, love and friendship.

Angelis' work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the world."

Angela DiBello, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York

More than 20 thousand visitors, more than 400 artists and 30 galleries have participated in the last Art Fair in Madrid in 2007, where have been totally presented 1102 works and have been awarded 25 awards and 66 praises, numbers that the organizers are ambitious to surpass by far with the organization of the 7 th Art Fair of Contemporary Art "DeARTE” Palacio de Congresos del Paseo de la Castellana" in January of 2008, choosing works of high quality of recognized and talented artists.

The signal of the instigators of the Fair Madrid is "Art for life" with main aim the development of the artists' talent, the promotion of the Art by the Galleries and the pleasure and acquisition of modern Art works from all the forms and styles (techniques) by the visitors. Thanks to the strict selection of the works and the good organization of the exhibition the organizers are ambitious to surpass last year indicators.

In Greece the Greek art-lovers have the ability to see Sophia Angelis' works at Depot of Alex and Marianna Marathianakis' Athens Down Town Art Gallery Shop at Kolonaki, Athens and also from July 16 , 2007, when the opening day will take place, till early September she will exhibit her work at the collaborators' exhibition of Gallery Konti with the theme” Seascapes', Moshato, Makrigiani 133, Athens.

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