Local Artist Sara Scribner Takes on the Big Apple

Written by:Tippi Rasp, Entertainment Editor, Enid News & Eagle

NEW YORK — Agora Gallery in Chelsea, N.Y., presents Enid artist Sara Scribner in "Manifestations of Reality." Scheduled through Jan. 29, the collection features a selection of Scribner's flux figures.

The thought-provoking works of Scribner present a basic truth of human existence — everything is in flux. As a child, Scribner learned "nothing is ever set in stone ... and the course of your life can change at any moment."

She portrays this sentiment in her portraits, rendered in oil paint on canvas. Scribner's creations superimpose layers of movement, as normally crisp features such as an eye or a chin trail across the composition imparting a sense of constant motion. Warm flesh tones blur, heightening the impression of the subject's activity.

Scribner says her goal is to convey the message: "Life is unstable and unpredictable; change, movement and loss are necessary and integral parts of the human experience."

Scribner's work has been exhibited throughout the United States. Born and raised in California, Scribner lives in Enid and operates Scribner's Gallery & Studio, 124 S. Independence, in downtown Enid.

Scribner's Gallery & Studio showcases works by herself and her husband, Shane, both formerly of San Francisco, as well as three or four featured artists of the month.

The Scribners opened the Enid gallery in April. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Image Credits: WATCHFUL - Oil on Canvas 30" x 24"

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