Sandra Valentim - New York Gallery Displays Creative Brazilian Art

Written by: Angela Schreiber(Comunidade News 09/10/08)

The Masters of the Imagination Exposition: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition includes four Brazilians.

The colored and creativity of latin art will be able to be seen  from September 9 to 30th  at Agora Gallery, in New York, with the exposition Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition. The display includes 4 brazilian artists who bring the color and unique style of painters from Brazil.

The reception for the official opening will take place on the 11th, from 6pm until 8 pm. Each one of the 12 artists exhibits an individual style, whether influenced by lines or by abstract. The brazilian artist attributes her pick to creativity of her works and to the quality of technique applied to the paintings. She believes that the same criteria have been followed by the choice of of artworks by brazilian artists Daniel de Souza, C. Drummond and Ammer Jacome.

The paintings of Sandra, Masks 23 and 24 were picked by Angela di Bello, curator and owner of the Agora Gallery. The artist defines how fantastic the opportunity to expose her works for the first time in New York. In her opinion, the public is intellectual, forms its own opinion and criticizes artwork. "It opens up doors for new expositions, reinforces my resume and gives value to my artwork", She says.

Sandra said she is influenced by the immortal Pablo Picasso, painter of great versatility.

She also respects the liberty of creation and doesn’t let herself become confined to pre-established formats. "I like to paint figuratively, abstractly or whatever I like at the moment. I have my own style, I paint what I want".

Both the choice of Sandra as well as of other artists is a result of a good moment of creative brazilian art. According to Sandra, the german magazine "Der Spiegel" highlighted that European and American collectors are discovering and searching for brazilian artwork, which led the publication to conclude that brazilian art paves the way of worldwide avant-garde.

More Space Overseas

Married and mother of two children, Sandra currently lives in Salvador, Bahia. She tells in confidence that the space taken in important galleries, such as Agora gallery, happened recently, which is why she considers herself as an emerging artist in the world of fine arts. "I’m still in the process of becoming known by the critics and of the public."

She laments that, in Brazil, emerging artists like her don’t earn as much from investing in galleries. "There isn’t enough space in a sufficient amount for marketing artworks, which is a pity". She said that the curator of Agora Gallery gives space to both established artists as well as those that have the potential of growing in the market of international art. She emphasized that this process occurs in the United States, generally.

The next step of the artist is the participation in an exposition of contemporary art, previewed for the second half of January 2009, at the Infusion Gallery, in Los Angeles, California.

The public will be able to see the fine arts of Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition from Tuesday to Saturday 11-6 pm. The address of Agora gallery is 530 West 25th Street, Chelsea.

Image Credits: Mascara 24 - Oil on Canvas 53 " x 51"

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