Ricardo Lowenberg - A Touch of Tampico, Mexico in New York

Written by: Raquel Turrubiates(Chic Magazine October 5, 2008)

"Tampico"(place in Mexico) was present in the exhibition "Masters of the Imagination: The Latin America Fine Art Exhibition" presented by Agora Gallery of New York.

Ricardo Lowenberg was present among the group, surrounded by family and friends during the opening reception cocktail, with paintings of intense tropical palettes, idyllic landscapes and stroke influenced by impressionism and the great masters of Mexican muralism.

The sample of twelve Latin-American painters was well received by the critics and New York public, while Ricardo’s was one of the most sought out for its dramatic design.    

From his palette to the universe.

Ricardo’s work is characterized by plants, flowers, landscapes of luxuriant and mysterious vegetation. Composing fruit of exotic and luminous colors which celebrate the erotic ritual of life and imitate nature, he represents himself as the great observer in his obsessive self-portraits. Blues and violets contrasted with citric colors are predominant on his palette.

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