Paula Tymchuk in Tripping the Light Fantastic: The Fine Art Photography Exhibition

At Agora Gallery, March 16 – April 6, 3007
Opening Reception March 22, 6-8 PM

Art Photog Paula Tymchuk

"Trips" to the Big Apple

The photographic art of affiliate member Paula Tymchuk has been chosen by a New York City gallery for an exhibition entitled "Tripping the light Fantastic" March 16 to April 6. Three of the six imaged that will be exhibited at the Agora Gallery, located in the heart of the Chelsea Art district at 530 West 25 th Street are shown in this page. The Agora's website ( has in for mation on Tymchuk's work.

The digital photographs of Toronto 's based Tymchuk, a winner of the CSC's Camera Assistant Award of Meir, are investigations into the human body trans for med by the light and the shadow. She says, "The most gratifying experience for me as an artist is when a viewer is first attracted to the image on an intuitive level." As a child, Tymchuk's mother encouraged her to paint large murals on the walls of her room, so that "I began, at an early age, to tell a story within one single frame."

At times, her images are not easily recognizable as parts of the body, and could be landscapes or fantasy constructions. More often than not, the picture's centre is a place where the skin meets shadow, or more specifically, where the light reflecting off skin meets its opposite, to conjure a mood of deep reflection. With her inspires investigations into the visual and physical. Tymchuk's work challenges the definitions of portrait, realism and images of the body itself.

She is currently publishing a photo book entitled "Freedom within the Skies." She continues to travel, observing the play of the light in the world, and searching as she says, " for magnificent exposures."

Courtesy of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

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