Susan Marx: Impressionnante Cathédrale

Written by: Paris Normandie

Susan Marx

Susan Marx, an American artist from Orange, New Jersey, installed her easel on the first floor of the Office of Tourism. As Claude use to do in his time, ‘Madame Monet’ is surrounding herself in the atmosphere of the emblematic monument she is painting on to her canvas. This is not a simple impression!

Her atmospheric colors come off of her palette naturally which are the same as the master used. She prefigures, a year from now, our city of Rouen's 2010 exhibit called ‘Impressionist of Normandy’.

There is no doubt that after her short visit of our city, we will find her in the gardens of Giverny and the Museum of American Art admiring her compatriots’ art such as Mary Cassatt, Theodore Robinson and Edward Hopper.

Image Credits: Rouen Cathedral Acrylic on Masonite 16" x 20" 2008






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