Kerryn Fisk - Biting the Big Apple

Written by: Ila Couch

In January of 1997 I ripped from the pages of a magazine, a horoscope I didn't believe a single word of. Move to a new country? I barely had any savings in the bank. Leave my dream job and a three-year relationship? Highly unlikely. Was fate written in the stars or was I a weakling to the power of suggestion? Who knows but within five short months I quit my job, ended my relationship and with my mother's blessing used the money she loaned me to buy a car, for a plane ticket. Since leaving home I have lived on a reservation in Canada, settled in the UK for four years and now live in the United States where I work in New York City as a freelance television producer.

On a recent trip back to New Zealand I met the editor of TBI with the idea of interviewing visiting New Zealand musicians, artists and performers as they came to New York City. She liked the idea and suggested I also write about my freelance life.

Working in New York sounds exciting but when you're a freelancer it can be a bit like swinging on monkey bars. You put one hand in front of the other and hope to spend as little time as possible hanging between jobs. One day you're directing paranormal re-enactments for a Talk Show segment on ghosts, the next you're at home chewing through chocolate and your emergency savings wondering when your next job is coming.

Take this week for example. There I was procrastinating about writing this blog with all the time in the world when I get a call to scout a fetish freak show for an afternoon shoot. One might think the tricky part of this particular request is finding people freaky enough to let you film them being freaky but the real kicker will be finding people getting freaky in the afternoon. Even freaks have day jobs.

There will be future updates on how my search progresses but in the meantime I would love to get in touch with New Zealanders already in New York City or those in the planning stages of heading this way to perform or exhibit their work. Alternatively if you're sending your work here on its lonesome let me know.

Last month I headed to the Agora Gallery in Chelsea where the work of Auckland Artist Kerryn Fisk was featured alongside other international artists. If you can't be home to hear the Tui it's nice to see one perched in a painting as it was in Fisk's Pacifica. In May the Agora is planning an exhibition of New Zealand and Australian Artists called Out From Down Under and Beyond which includes the work of Waiheke artist Sally Smith. I'm also looking forward to seeing the work of Rangi Kipa at the Goff & Rosenthal Gallery May 8th to June 14th.

For now, I continue my fetish search online and in the process run my innocence through the shredder. Wish me luck.

Ila Couch is an Auckland born Freelance Writer, Photographer and Television Producer living in the United States. Her work has taken her to Aspen, Colorado for the Food and Wine Festival, on an MTV shoot to Los Alamos, New Mexico birth place of the Atomic Bomb and to Phoenix, Arizona where surprisingly people are building in the desert without using solar technology. She has been kissed by a camel in Texas, eaten bear meat in Florida, and earned herself a black eye and two stitches at New York City's Coyote Ugly Bar. Prior to leaving New Zealand Ila worked in Music Television and recently returned home for three months to direct the second season of Waka Reo for Maori Television.

Image Credits:Pacifica - Oil on Canvas 40" X 30"

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