Giannis Stratis broadens his love of art by living it as well!

ArtisSpectrum Magazine Vol. 17

At Agora Gallery, December 14 – Jan 3, 2008
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After his previous published one page article in the New York's Magazine ArtisSpectrum Volume 16 (pages 3 & 45) and his continuous appearances to the Foreign Press-along with the strong analysis of his work by the Art Historian Adam Grassi – which caused great success both to  New York Collectors and to International Museums, Art Critics and Metropolis Reporters, the Greek Artist Giannis Stratis is now also presenting his work and the scientific analysis of it to the next  2007 May's Edition of the ArtisSpectrum Magazine  Volume 17 (pages 3-11-12) that has just been released.

Specifically, it is referred about the Greek Artist:


Giannis Stratis

‘Dance on the Elgin Marbles' Mixed Media on Card 9¨ Χ 13¨

Giannis Stratis says that he is troubled to see mankind's social values “absorbed” by materialism and technology. His style stays consistent with these thoughts about the human condition and his paintings reflect an expression and balance of this view. Audiences can clearly understand his inner conflict with man's division of priorities and consequential quest for optimism.

Stratis's works often employ a certain order or type of pattern­ing. This aspect is not the focus but gradually becomes notice­able, just as life retains a basis of uniformity that is not readily apparent. Stratis also utilizes bold outlines; this separation of sub­ject matter from its background, and/or the definition of internal components generate both a feeling of secure boundaries and a sense of isolation. However, by obliterating details such as fa­cial features, and utilizing elements of surprise and playfulness, Stratis achieves enlightenment in his art, suggesting that hope does exist. Stratis paints with oils and mixed media on a variety of surfaces in monochromatic or oppositional palettes, and this choice may represent the two primary states of mind: compla­cency versus struggle.

Stratis was born in Greece and has been involved with many local, national, and international professional art associations, and was named President of the Art Committee for the Special Olympics in Athens in 2004. Since 1995, he has had 110 show­ings in Greece , Mexico , Spain , Paris , Italy , Turkey , Japan , and the United States . Giannis Stratis has received four honorary di­plomas, four international first place awards, five gold medals, and several special recognitions for his work. He has been the subject of over 350 articles and allusions in newspapers and mag­azines, and has granted approval to references by art historians, art critics, art directors, professors, and museum curators from many countries. The paintings of Giannis Stratis can be found in the Athens Presidential Residence, the Greek Parliament, the Museum Nocosia in Cyprus , and countless galleries and private collections throughout the world.

In addition to painting, his achievements and interests include jewelry design, photography, poetry, literature, piano perfor­mance, and art collecting. It appears that Giannis Stratis broad­ens his love of art by living it as well!

The Greek Artist when he was asked by the reporters about his achievements in New York and the published articles in known magazines he expressed his admiration saying:

‘I feel satisfied that my brush contributes to my soul in order to feel better, even more when it touches the routes of the Country's History and Culture'.

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Greece 's audience will have the opportunity to closely attend Giannis Stratis' new conjectural reposition through his Retroactive Exhibition titled as: “Welcome to My World” in December 2007 to Down Town Art Gallery, 15 Likavitou street , Kolonaki, with the exhibition's Commisary Alex Marathianakis, the known Gallerist.

As well as to Agora Gallery in Chelsey of New York City, to this unique Exhibition with the title: ‘The Odyssey Within' that is going to take place in the 14th of December 2007.


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