VéroniKaH to conquer the world

Written by Nathalie Côté

Publication St. Bruno Journal

VéroniKaH has a rare determination. This character trait, which is now helping to break the doors of the artistic community from New York to Hong Kong, almost cost her life. However, these harrowing experiences have enabled her to flourish as an artist and become very dynamic.

As a child, Véronique Grauby tried to enter a mold that did not work. "I always knew I was different. When I was little, I said that I came from another planet. I saw my difference negatively," she confides. She was 14 years old when she began to suffer from anorexia. "Now, I realize that this disease was caused by the fact that I didn’t like who I was. It was a long-term suicide."

She studied in the School of Commercial High Studies. Then she found a job selling copiers.

After the birth of her first child, Jeremy, the mold cracked. "I made a big post-partum depression. Anorexia took over and I went down to 75 livres. I almost died.” In 2000, she was hospitalized at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas. Her husband, Philip, brought her material for painting. But for her, this represented more than brushes, it was a lifeline, and slowly she started in the world as VéroniKaH, her artist name.

"Painting is my escape. We rely a lot on appearances and my paintings go beyond, they are the inside. They reflect how I feel, the message I want to send. Some are very raw because I experienced hard things. Others are very happy."

And, just to press, she called the journalist. "It's confirmed, I am accepted in New York,” she announced with an excited voice.

Her paintings will be exhibited at Agora Gallery, located in the Chelsea, New York City.

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