Le Noël de Malu

Published on Le Magazine, 9 December



It is with success that last week-end “Le Noël de Malu” at Crystal Racine gallery, unfolded. She sold twenty pieces of work of art and had over a hundred visitors throughout the two days event where she also presented small formats and cards.

Malu is a Canadian born who grew up on Nuns’ Island since 1975. She concentrates her work in large-scale contemporary abstract paintings, using acrylics and various mediums.

When exploring a Malu, one can become disconcerted by the intensity of the movement and the mixture of matters. But it also allows for distinguishing fantastic mysterious forms. She transforms her raw energy in a combination of translucence in contrast with textures, which by impulse suggest a bi-dimensional volume.

The pigments, textures and movements, applied either with a knife and/or fingers, generate an energy which is curiously provocative at times. Her paintings allow everyone a most personal trip into the imaginary world that leaves no one indifferent.

To find out more about her career evolution you can visit her website at where you can contact the artist directly.

Image Credit: 1806

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