The artist Jane Lane Sandes inaugurates her works called “Metamorphosis" at Agora Gallery in New York

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The artist and architect Jane Sandes, presents a series of sculptures at the Agora Gallery in New York. There are eight pieces inspired by the elements of the Brazilian landscape. The sculptures based into a makeshift geometry with subtraction of elements (minimal). The artist, in its current phase, rejects the base, so common to the three-dimensional art, allowing the public a strong interaction and providing multiple readings of the artistic object. By changing the position of the sculpture, you get a new reading of the work. This is the case, for example, the sculpture "Pearl" (Whelk), which, when moved, presents new variants.

The exhibition, called "Metamorphoses", includes artists from several other countries. The gallery has allocated a different room for each type of art media.

The sculptures of Jane Sandes go trough a unique and singular creation process. Everything starts from the observation of nature, especially the brightness and colors so strong in the Northeast of Brazil. Works made from composite resins and other chemicals, previously molded. The pieces that were once centered on an axis now become winding and free of any ties, as loose objects in space.

The artist discovered by Agora, at “The Chelsea International Art Competition”, sponsored annually by Agora, brings together artists from around the world. Since then, Jane Sandes has signed a contract with Agora gallery at Chelsea. The contracts, signed earlier this year, become a reality with the present show.

Jane Sandes, one of the most rewarded artists of the country, started her studies at a very early age with the Swiss painter Jean Pierre Chabloz. She took several courses, both theoretical and practical, in Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In addition, she participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, some of the most important ones, in Sfat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel. Recently, in the city of Fortaleza, she was awarded at the Plastic Arts Salon, held in April.

Painter, engraver, designer and sculptor, over the last ten years, the artist has established herself with sculptures. She went through several phases. "I'm an experimentalist artist”. “Each time, as I earn a prize with some work, I feel is time to change. The time is right for new experiences. I do not want to be framed by labels. I always follow new paths, of course within an aesthetic framework, changing constantly, just as the world is today. Deconstruction is part of my work. Architecture has had a great influence in this process”, the artist said.

Jane Sandes says that it was as she was taking a particular course in architecture that her work acquired a new dimension. What concerned me most were the laws of physics. "It's like I play with the balance. The sculpture looses the axis of the previous phase. When changing the position, it acquires a new form. The balance achieved is a challenged, not explained by physics. When in contact with the sculptures, people experience pleasant surprises, as there is not a single axis, but several. I believe that in this way, the sculpture as a work of art integrates itself into the dynamics of a changing world, "said the artist.

Therefore, Jane places her work in the context of a universal language, through her observations and research; she realizes how strongly it is linked to Ceara and other regions of Brazil. "The sculptures draw attention because they are really different, arousing curiosity and a strong interaction with the public. It's always a surprise," she says. For the artist, the world is made of shapes. "Therefore, we need to organize the infinite forms in a finite world. We need to give meaning to the chaos we perceive in the world around us," she said.

“Community News” a Brazilian newspaper in the city of Danbury, CT, published an interview about the exhibition of Jane Sandes. The reporter, Angela Schreiber, questions the artist about her work process, and the influence Brazil has in her sculptures. The magazine "ARTisSpectrum”, of New York, in its November edition, devoted a page to the artist,” The work touches our senses, the different angles bring to mind something like the equivalent of three dimensions of Mauritia Cornelius Escher. Other media publications, such as "PR Focus" and "Boletin de New York" analyze the work of Jane Sandes.

At the "Metamorphoses” exhibition, other artists are represented, such as Fabrizio Andriani, Joo Han, Michael Indorato, Emin Guliyev, Marina Reiter and Brian Reed. The show opened on November 20th., and will be available until December 11th.The participation of he artist Jane Sandes in the exhibition was sponsored by Unimed Fortaleza and the Hotel Beira-Mar.

Additional information

“Metamorphosis” - a collective exhibition – Open until December 11th.
Agora Gallery - 530 W. 25th St. Chelsea New York, NY. /

Image Credits: Pearler, Resin, 11" x 16"

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