British sculptor Christopher Stone in New York

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On the Rocks


The British sculptor Christopher Stone, who has lived in Iviza for over 20 years, has recently held two shows in the USA. The first one called “sensory reality” held at Agora gallery of New York, dedicated to the great British sculptor, Barry Flanagan, who died in Iviza last September. Flanagan, a friend and mentor of Stone, pushed him to develop his vocation in life, to be a sculptor. The second show, held at Audrey’s Gallery in West Cornwall (Connecticut). Stone has in the creative process stage, a big project of a series of several bronze pieces; they will be ready by 2010. There are six figurative pieces of approximately 3.5 feet high, on which you notice the influence by Alberto Giacometti, and Barry Flanagan. The pieces will be presented next year in Sussex (England), Nice, Dublin and Connecticut. It is an alternate proposal since his preferred medium is white marble from Almeria or Italy. The pieces presented now in the USA, are a direct execution without any sketches, or drawings, or preliminary clay models.

Expressing Feelings

Stone’s main objective in art is to translate his feelings, using the stone as a vehicle, sort of means of channeling his emotions. Lessons learned mainly from Flanagan, and last but not least, the French sculptor, Henri Goudier. We cannot ignore his wife Christina, “the source of all” who is not afraid of the economical crises in the entire world in general, including the Art world. “I believe that the economical crisis at this time provides a good opportunity for learning and investigation. It’s the time to allow the unconventional artists to reach the place they deserve.” said the sculptor. Stone, himself a vocational artist, states that in order to create a sculpture “You need love, dedication up till the end. With enough freedom to draw from your inner soul, all you could and can develop, according to y our own criteria”. Freedom as well, to label your work, “my style is that I have no style. I want that people that see my work, to like it or dislike it, not to understand it, my job as a carver is to translate what I have in my mind, without looking for the differences of what I conceived, and the tridimensional result.” The artist expressed, adding “ I don’t sculpt what I see, but with what I have in my heart. External beauty should not smother the beauty of thought. That is why I believe all mi pieces are unique; I can not repeat the work, because the original driving energy has evolved, its no longer there.”

Christopher Stone, (London 1955), went to art school in his native city, and then worked for two years in Shastesbury (Dorset) under the artist and designer Ralph Hampton. He also worked at Seidner Gallery, in London, and antiques store, his work related to restoration. He participated as a designer artist in the Universal Expo Seville at both the Spanish and British pavilion. His interest in Egyptology, took him to Luxor, Cairo and Assuan, where he studied Egyptology. He traveled as well to the Check Republic, to learn about the refined tastes of Eastern Europe. The British sculptor resident of Ibiza has shown his work in Seville, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Manheim, Amsterdam, Dublin, Belfast, Antwerp and New York.

Image Credit: On the Rocks, Mixed Media Scultpure, 32 " x 43 "

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