Marek Wasylewicz
Digitally Represented Artist
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Marek Wasylewicz

The drawing of Marek Wasylewicz look ostensibly “minimalist”—being spare works that highlight the contrast between lines penciled onto paper and the color of the paper itself. Yet in truth, Wasylewicz’s concerns are less involved with the stasis of minimalist sculptural space, and more focused on recording the process of feeling and intellection. His jagged, pencil-drawn lines are, in his words, “a tool to describe my the sensitivity to emotions around...and within me. They are a record of my subconscious thoughts and intuition.”

The pencil on paper work VvA-A is an excellent example of this. The work features jagged, hand-drawn lines against the cream-colored backdrop of paper. Like language, and the human capacity for expression, the work can be understood as traces of thought and identity carved out against an indefinite void. VvA-A bears all the characteristic of a seismograph, capturing a dynamic expression that exists only for an unspecified duration of time. By translating this intellectual movement into a work on paper, the transitive quality of thought is preserved as though in a pictorial amber.

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