Crazy Rah Art aka Sarah Stott
Digitally Represented Artist
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Crazy Rah Art aka Sarah Stott


Digitally Represented Artist

Sarah Stott’s college nickname, Crazy Rah, gives a hint to the creative mind that expresses itself through vibrantly colored and often grittily textured canvases. Her art is a reflection of the ever-evolving challenges she has faced in her life. Having coped with bulimia, ME, and an autistic son, Sarah’s strength is on view with each piece she creates, “My work is just so loud and in your face, it just jumps out at people, it grabs them and says, ‘look at me!'"

An experienced print-maker, Sarah maintains her appetite for texture, which she often creates utilizing everyday items from shredded paper to an orange bag net (a particular favorite). According to Sarah, “I have found a way to express my love for life, my love of color and my obsession with texture to become a large, vivid, kaleidoscopic canvas of provocative texture.” With no design or image in mind, Sarah immerses herself into the canvas to let the creativity flow instinctively. Her reward is hearing what people can see and how her work talks to people.

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