Larry Greenberg
Enchanted Earth and Other Worlds
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Larry Greenberg


Enchanted Earth and Other Worlds
September 2 – September 22, 2022
Reception: Thursday, September 8, 2022 6-8 PM

Artist Larry Greenberg was born in Brooklyn, New York, and became intrigued by art while attending Manhattan’s City College for Mathematics. He became interested in pursuing art after visiting the Museum of Modern Art, where he was exposed to the works of Picasso, and other 20th century masters. Once he decided art was his calling, he enrolled in Brooklyn College and was mentored by renowned American abstract artist Harry Holtzman, a contemporary and friend of Piet Mondrian, whom Greenberg credits for teaching him to see, learn, and grow in the profession.

Greenberg is known for his figurative, expressionist oil paintings. He creates semi-abstract compositions that depict ghost-like figures, devoid of expression. These figures represent tortured souls, rendered in cave-like settings or infinite voids. He employs both muted and dramatic color ranges, used to purposefully create a sense of tension and apathy, and leave an emotional impact on the viewer. His subjects are generally alone in a world where their suffering is no fault of their own, and their existence is ignored. He has a particular interest in depicting mood in his settings, to emphasize his subject’s despair. In these renderings, he channels the tone of the Old Masters, and creates contemporary images of the transcendent human feeling of isolation and struggle.

The Anatomy of Expression

Greenberg's collection presents an emotional look into humanity.

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