Teresa Bellini


Italian artist Teresa Bellini paints vibrant dynamic compositions with an abstract flair. Bellini’s inspiration starts from a color which evokes a piece of music or an old experience. Tapping into her memory bank, she fre-associates in a rapturous flow of shapes and chromatic patterns. “I’ve had a rich life,” the artist concedes. “But I’ve also had a very complicated life.” The intensity and complexity of Bellini’s remembrances translate into a mesh of broad vertical and horizontal brush strokes, in a push-and-pull of warm and cold, light and dark tones. Although suggestive of external references, her paintings are the sole result of an intuitive endeavor and are interpreted and decoded in the final title, only after completion. Bellini, who started to paint during the Covid pandemic, works intuitively and at an impressive speed. In eight months she reached a copious production of eighty paintings. Her most recent series–with works such as Hidden Garden 2 and Spring Blooming– echoes the patterned motifs of Klimt, one of Bellini’s favorite artists. “This cascade of flowers is a hope that someone may be covered with flowers. I would like for everything to be more beautiful than it really is.”

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