Rosalind Panda Dykla


Indian-American Rosalind Panda Dykla, born in Odisha India, lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as an IT technician and Artist. Rosalind has spent much of her life traveling and studying in several different countries, which has greatly inspired her work. After discovering her love of the arts at a young age, she began participating in exhibitions and competitions in India while in school. She has continued to develop her skill as an artist in her adult life, while balancing her career as an IT specialist.

Through her work, Rosalind wishes to bring peace, love, and happiness to the world one painting at a time. She has always been fascinated with both the natural and built environments, which she frequently depicts in her works. Working mainly with oils on canvas, she employs a variety of vivid colors to create unique patterns and textured surfaces. Every piece of her artistry represents her expressions through her style, technique, and color application. Her mission is to contribute towards the welfare and development of the creative society, so he donates a portion of each sale to help poor and underprivileged persons.