Marianne AuBuchon Devitt


Marianne uses her tropically-inspired oil paintings as a meditative plane to transmute her emotions. Through colors that transition like the seasons, Devitt implements her abstract pieces as outlets for introspection. By intermingling colors with contradictory hues, she is able to immerse herself in the painting process; an extremely complicated endeavor which captivates her present state of consciousness.

An avid learner, Marianne AuBuchon Devitt received a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Northern Illinois University, and has since gone back to school to acquire knowledge in the fields of biology, psychology, nutrition, and art. Amidst adjustments to natural health and embracement of spiritual movements, Marianne has found the “calm in the storm” that is the human experience. Her artworks aim to metamorphose unpleasant feelings into positivity.