Maria Regina Ruiz
Digitally Represented Artist
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Maria Regina Ruiz

In order to create her artworks, Maria Regina Ruiz focuses on a minuscule segment of a photograph, which is usually an inch or a quarter of an inch long. Ruiz pores over this segment in order to magnify it and, in doing so, reveal the allure of detail and the pockets of life that we overlook. Ruiz chooses her subject matter based on what catches her eye, and allows her process to guide her forward. Ruiz’s mastery of the technical aspects of painting captures our imagination and allows us to ruminate upon every line and area of color she creates. In fact, her color choices stem from the home she grew up in, which her mother always filled with flowers. Flowers and their naturally-vibrant hues recur throughout Ruiz’s work, bringing her back again to her mother.

Ruiz was born in Peru and now lives in Houston, Texas. In addition to her career as a painter, Ruiz is a teacher, and she holds a PhD in History, Literature, and Philosophy. Her art has received recognition at various art shows and galleries, most recently at the Art Show International Color Competition. Ruiz is also well-traveled, and her travels provide her insight into the importance of color in various world cultures. She aims for her artwork to foster appreciation for the little things in life, to allow the viewer to see the details of their own life in a different light.