Louise Edwards


Twists and turns of abstract intent conclude in harmony on the charismatic canvases of Louise Edwards. Her newest creations are unidentifiable in subject matter – contrasting her previous works of faint, yet familiar landscapes and ocean mirages. Despite this stylistic switch, Edwards maintains the magnetism and artistry that is uniquely her own in all the pieces she creates. With a palette knife in her right hand, her left hand bare and no plan in mind, Edwards utilizes oil sticks, cold wax and more to illustrate her pure artistic instincts. No materials or their remnants are wasted as she involves herself physically in every solid brush stroke and canvas rotation. “I like to paint very quickly,” she says. “Sometimes it takes one or two hours or one whole day. If I don’t like it, I mush it all up and start over.”

Edwards was born and raised in the United Kingdom and has been a lawyer of criminal, licensing and contract law for almost 25 years. She credits Willem de Kooning, Chaїm Soutine, and Jean-Michel Basquiat as some of her biggest artistic influences and is a strong admirer of Abstract Expressionism. Her aim in art is simple: to create works that are subjective and void of any direct implications. Hence, a richer, more meaningful experience is provided for all who lay eyes upon Edwards’ craft.

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