Judy Ann Filipich
Digitally Represented Artist
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Judy Ann Filipich

Judy Ann Filipich generally finds herself painting with bright, almost fauvist-inspired colors. Her works often come off as details—each element magnified or repeated until a compositional gestalt becomes apparent. This kind of minimalism revels in the minute, in the intimacies of daily life. In Filipich’s own words, “I rely on the power of art to create an object perceived as beautiful by the viewer. For someone to look at my painting and feel the beauty of this world....”

Filipich’s techniques range from the venerable medium of oil on canvas to collage—the latter allowing for the emergence of visually startling juxtapositions. Inspired by naturalistic forms of all kinds—from the artist's own personal garden to man-made objects that seem sinuous in their design—Filipich’s handling of paint and line has an almost plastic quality about it; her paintings look as though the viewer could reach into the space they engender and manipulate color and form from the inside. In all likelihood, this derives from a careful use of layering, which Filipich achieves as she gradually develops a piece, literally gluing visual elements together.

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