Gui Calil is a painter from São Paulo, Brazil. Calil grew up in a family that ran a graphic design and printed materials business, where he was first introduced to the arts. His passion for art and design manifested its outlet in works of acrylic on canvas. With no limitations of space or tools, his work is a colorful dialogue of the artist’s most visceral yearnings, defined by Calil as "aesthetics of the soul.”

For Calil, art serves as a channel of spiritual and energetic connection with the universe. He is interested in observing human nature, and communicating feelings of pain, hardship, strength and will, among others. His aesthetic style is achieved through transcribing those human experiences into abstract, visceral images. Using various tools, he applies colors strategically across his canvases, in fluid and organic strokes. Calil’s work is impressive as a whole, as each piece features a wide repertoire of colors and ideas, layered together to provide a unique insight into their deeper meaning. His art, like life, is a fresh exercise of observation, awareness, and communication.

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