Glotz Gérard


Gérard Glotz is an established German artist working predominantly in the Neo-Realist style. A former advertising and marketing professional, Glotz now dedicates himself fully to his artwork, working out of his studio in Passau, Germany. He has exhibited in an impressive number of group and solo exhibitions throughout his career.

Glotz started to draw at the age of four, mostly create scenes from the bible, fairy tales and legends, and continued drawing through high school, where he focused on art as a student. He was always interested in reinterpreting styles and techniques of historic art and subjects, from the mythology, to the Old Masters, to the artistic movements of the 20th century. After studying painting techniques of historic art, his style and skill came together and pushed him forward as an artist. He tells stories in the style of Fantastic Realism, Neo Realism, and surrealism, capturing topics of every day life while integrating various elements drawn from historic art and design. As a self- taught artist, he found his unique selling point in this style. His subjects include mythological, historical, contemporary and futuristic themes, as well as fantasy and dream images with people, animals, landscapes, cityscapes and interiors.

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