Abbey Mubiru


African-Australian Artist Abbey Mubiru uses photo editing to enhance images he captures on his iPhone. This is a self taught idea that he calls ‘MiPhone photography, which began with editing portraits of family and friends would sent to him while he was unable to do it on a computer. He discovered various programs that allowed him to edit these photos with extreme levels of detail, and could achieve his desired results. Mubiru works mainly with florals and landscapes, with overarching themes of tranquility, peace, and reflection.

His photos appropriately communicate a deep thirst for moments of silence, reflection and solace. Mubiru was born in Uganda, in the region of Nsambya, and now lives in Australia. He was introduced to art at a very young age with an illustrated children’s bible story book, which sparked his artistic intrigue and imagination. He studied graphics design at a tertiary/ art collage, learning digital drawing and animation. He has professional training in a number of design platforms. When he is not creating photographs and design work digitally, he enjoys drawing and sketching. Mubiru has found that Photography is one of his strongest mediums of artistic expression. His work is simple yet intriguing, and intended to appreciate silence and pondering.

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