Kaitlin Kraemer


Kaitlin Kraemer is an American abstract oil painter and copper artist based in Nice, France. At Agora Gallery, the artist is presenting pieces from her copper collection. Kraemer’s romantic liaison with the medium began in a dream, where she saw herself working with the metal. Her passion, however, was sparked by the architecture in and around Boston, her native city, where copper, corroded by time, is prevalent in building facades, rooftops, and domes. Working with various corrosive agents, Kraemer manipulates the oxidation process bringing out vibrancy and luminosity. Her emerald greens, ceruleans, aqua blues, and turquoises are an ode to the French Riviera and the many shores the artist has kissed in her travels around the world. The water element is ever-present in her oeuvre. The ocean, rejuvenating and healing, can be mysterious, even destructive at times. While pouring out her soul, Kraemer captures the fragility and annihilating power of nature, by molding, corroding, and exposing. Amidst a sea of colorful chaos, an undercurrent of tranquility emerges, revealing “the simple complexities of the everyday: within and without.”

Kraemer received a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and Studio Fine Arts from Union College and a graduate certificate in Oil Painting from Tufts University. She has exhibited widely, in solo and group exhibitions, in Europe and the United States.

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