Radhika Bianchi


The landscapes of Radhika Bianchi do not represent the land of a single nation or region. Instead, they reflect Bianchi’s cultural background and her many travels: she was born and raised in Calcutta, India; spent her adolescence in Los Angeles, California; and now lives in Santiago, Chile. Bianchi has lived in several other countries, including England and Mexico, and her father is Italian and her mother is Chilean. As a result, Bianchi considers herself a citizen of the world, having experienced many different cultures and histories. Her appreciation of life and the opportunity to discover its rich beauty is echoed in her calm, detailed landscapes. No matter what country Bianchi is in, she feels at home in nature, paying attention to its minute features. She channels the colors of India into her acrylic paintings, gleaning immense influence from Indian traditional art and mythology, in addition to the art of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Impressionist eras.

Bianchi’s paintings immortalize the ever-shrinking natural beauty of our planet. Since she has witnessed first-hand many of Earth’s natural wonders, she is uniquely positioned to honor them in her artwork, and aims to remind us to do our part to protect our planet’s sweeping landscapes. Her interpretations of nature communicate a sense of universal belonging, reminding the viewer that no matter where they are, they are allowed to take a step back and feel at home.

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