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Competition Awards

The work of selected artists will be presented at Agora Gallery, an elegant street-level space located in the heart of the Chelsea arts district next to the High Line in New York City. Agora Gallery attracts thousands of visitors with its welcoming interiors and striking exterior.

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An exhibition will be held from January 27-February 7, 2018, of photographs selected from two categories.


  • Amateur photographers are those who engage in photography for pleasure rather than for professional purposes or gain. Their engagement with photography is more casual.
  • The work of twenty (20) amateur photographers will be selected. Each photographer will exhibit one photograph, to be printed and mounted by Agora Gallery. The Gallery will also cover the cost of return shipping to photographers. Selected photographers in the Amateur category will have no other expenses beyond the entry fee.
  • In addition, all photographs submitted by the selected photographers will be displayed on our website for one year.
  • The entry fee for the Amateur category is $25 for up to 5 images with a fee of $5 for each additional image.
  • Professional photographers are those who have a solid body of work, previously participated in exhibitions and/or earn a majority of their income from the practice of photography.
  • The work of ten (10) photographers will be selected and each will be allocated up to 15 linear feet of gallery wall space in the exhibition.
  • A $500 cash prize will be awarded to each of the selected professional photographers.
  • Photographers selected for the Professional category are responsible for arrangements and expense for the round-trip shipment of the artworks selected by the jurors. Works should be sent ready to hang.

The entry fee for the Professional category is $45 for up to 5 images with a fee of $5 for each additional image.

For more information on the categories, please see the Guidelines.

Along with the opportunity to showcase your works in New York, Agora Gallery will also provide each artist with the following valuable promotional benefits:


  • a press release written by one of the gallery’s talented public relations writers
  • a display ad featuring the names of all selected photographers to appear in an art publication
  • a reception for the exhibition open to all selected photographers, friends and family, and the New York art community
  • invitations promoting the exhibition and photographs distributed to the gallery’s mailing list of 60,000+ recipients
  • an exhibition catalog containing images of all selected photographs that is made available to all gallery guests
  • outreach on the gallery’s social media channels including Agora Gallery's Facebook page with 100,000+ followers
  • an exhibition page dedicated to the competition on Agora Gallery's website

Competition Calendar

✔Early Bird Submissions: July 9, 2017

✔Competition Opens: July 18, 2017

✔Entry Deadline: September 13th, 2017

✔Results Announced: October 24th, 2017

Exhibition: January 27-February 7, 2018


Talia Savyone, La Femme Et Le Cheval, Photographic Print on Aluminum, 40" x 59"

Competition Reminder

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