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Richard Greene

My experience at the Agora Gallery is by far the most satisfying of the many galleries I’ve appeared in. The communication between the gallery and myself have been superb, timely and responsive. Within 2 days of the opening, they have sold 4 out my 5 offerings and the 5th remaining one is getting a great response. I feel honored to be included in this exhibition of truly superb work. Thank you for having me!

Richard Greene, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

Mariela Martin

I have had a very professional and straight forward experience with Agora Gallery and its staff. Firstly, the level of communication has been superior, polite, courteous and very clear. The photography exhibition is very strong; the work is strong and the hanging of the work is impressive and professional. The show looks really interesting. The gallery's treatment of me has been professional and respectful. Agora has not pretentious in its manner; business like. Nothing but good vibes here.

Mariela Martin, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

Cyrille Dubreuil

Honored to have my work exhibited at the 2nd Annual Chelsea International Photography Competition organized by the Agora Gallery, I warmly recommend photographers to participate in future competitions. My experience with the Agora Gallery’s team has been fantastic from the beginning till the end of the show. Communications has been flawless during all the process and members of the Agora Gallery are true professionals, always available to help you and give you advises. This competition has been a great opportunity to show my work to a wider audience and the gallery itself is a wonderful place that really valorize your photographs. I am deeply thankful to the Agora Gallery for having me at this exhibition. I hope the best to all the team and good luck for the next events.

Cyrille Dubreuil, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

Laura Viñas

One of the ways to get genuine exposure of your work is to submit it to Art Competitions with outstanding jurors. And such was the case of The Chelsea International Photography Competition at Agora Galley. Personally, I am always looking for exceptional competitions to send in my portfolio. I regard my art practice as an endurance race, always must keep going, and this is a way to do so. No matter what the outcome of it might be.

Laura Viñas, Argentina, 2018 Selected Artist

Renata Vale

Participating in the Chelsea International Photography Competition, in partnership with Agora Gallery has been a game changer to me. As a new artist, after hard work research and keen eyes, being recognized overseas uplifted me to do not only more of art but better art. It fueled me with the energy I need to make sure I am on the right path. Lastly, being an artist among such talented global peers is not an easy task, and I would love to join forces with the Chelsea community encouraging other artists to dare to engage in future exhibitions and share their talents.

Renata Vale, Brazil, 2018 Selected Artist

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Michel Kirch, Deambulation, Digital on Fine Art Paper, 42" x 42"

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