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Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - Testimonials Archive

Testimonials Archive

José María Peña

“I consider it has been an important step forward in my career as an artist. Having been selected out of so many international artists contributes to increasing the value of my work.”

José María Peña, Spain, 2017 Selected Artist

Liz Walinski

“It was very overwhelming to see my artwork in the Agora Gallery. The way the art was displayed seem very professional and with care. It was great to be part of the crowd of international artist brought together for this fine art competition.”

Liz Walinski, Germany, 2016 Selected Artist

Patti Fontaine

“I decided to enter when I saw that there were seven jurors from four different countries. This seemed important to me since I felt that the number of diverse jurors would mean fair adjudication of everyone's work... I have painted for many years and exhibited many times, but I never felt confident to call myself an artist. Now I feel that I can do so.”

Patti Fontaine, Canada, 2015 Selected Artist

Renée De Gagné

“This was the first time that my artwork was exhibited outside Canada... two pieces were sold, and the positive feedback that I received boosted my confidence in what I am doing.”

Renée De Gagné, Canada, 2014 Selected Artist

Ed Moret

“Winning the competition allowed me to feel more confident in my work and increased my exposure in the art world. I have nothing but praise for the competition staff and the staff at Agora Gallery. It was the best experience I’ve ever had in any gallery. I would love to enter again and have recommended the competition to many artists.”

Ed Moret, United States, 2013 Selected Artist

Doug DePice

“To see my work displayed on the walls of your gallery was validating on so many levels. I have been doing art for more than forty years, and I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of satisfaction, joy, accomplishment, and personal honor. Thank you for that opportunity. Winning the competition has fueled my passion and inspired me to work harder. It has also provided me with distinction as a professional fine artist.”

Doug DePice, United States, 2012 Selected Artist

Ilse Bormann

“It was a pleasure to participate in the 2011 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. It was the second time I took part, and I was very proud to be selected this time. It was amazing to have the chance to show my artwork in the Agora Gallery, and it was a great feeling to be a New York City exhibited artist. It has motivated me to work even harder and to go my own way in my abstract painting.”

Ilse Bormann, Germany, 2011 Selected Artist

Jose A. Gallego

“My experience with Agora Gallery has been very positive. Although I could not attend the exhibition itself for reasons of travel, everything related to the exhibition has been very professional throughout. Working with a gallery like this is always a help to the creative work of a photographer.”

Jose A. Gallego, Spain, 2010 Selected Artist

Competition Calendar

Early Bird: February 2nd, 2020

Competition Opens: February 11th, 2020

Entry Deadline: August 12th, 2020

Results Announced: September 14th, 2020

Exhibition: January 21-30, 2021

2016 Selected Artwork

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - Pat Sollows, Lion in Black, Paintings, 48x36, 2016

Pat Sollows, Lion in Black, Paintings, 48" x 36"

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