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Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - Testimonials

Artist Testimonials

Emily Jones

I am honored to have been selected as a finalist for two consecutive years in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition! So too, to sell an artwork. It was such an enjoyable experience working with the kind and professional Agora team the first time that I decided to enter again. An invaluable opportunity for any artist.

Emily Jones, Australia, 2018 Selected Artist

Candelaria Palacios

Agora Gallery gave me the chance, through the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, to exhibit my artwork in New York from a new perspective. The experience enriches me personally and my artistic career. I think it is important to point out the diversity of images and artists that I was able to meet during the exhibition. I'm very grateful for the professionalism of the staff, especially in handling the sales process. And I would recommend to participate in the competitions offered by Agora Gallery.

Candelaria Palacios, Argentina, 2018 Selected Artist

Herold P Alexis Patrick

My experience with Agora has been almost a dream come true. I never imagined ever exhibiting in a New York City Chelsea Art Gallery. I thought that would have been the extent of my reward for being selected but I was amazed at how much Agora was committed to the success of the artist… This was absolutely a dream come true. I highly recommend Agora to all artists, especially new and up-and-coming artists. I also reached out to my brother who is a painter and an old high school friend, a photographer. The best thing about Agora was that it reignited the fire in me to continue painting. Thank you.

Herold P Alexis Patrick, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

Beth Cavalcanti

I was very happy to be selected to participate the Agora Competition. They were very attentive to all the details of shipping the sculptures from Brazil to USA. It was a pleasure be part of the exhibition and I highly encourage others artists to enter in the competition and believe in their art. I would like to work with Agora again in the near future.

Beth Cavalcanti, Brazil, 2018 Selected Artist

Peter Genssler

I have never worked with such professional and engaged people in the field of fine art before! It was a pleasure to communicate with so many people, each of them absolutely expert in his/her field. I also like the kind and polite way of communication. A special joy for me was to read the text, “About the Artist". I felt great after having read it! And I felt understood in a rare way.
Even when it was a little bit difficult for me, as a German, to understand all the e-mails it was a great thing to deal with such a great team in such a great town! I am very proud to have been selected by the jurors and can recommend participating in the competition next year.

Peter Genssler, Germany, 2018 Selected Artist

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Competition Calendar

Early Bird: February 2nd, 2020

Competition Opens: February 11th, 2020

Entry Deadline: August 12th, 2020

Results Announced: September 14th, 2020

Exhibition: January 21-30, 2021

2017 Selected Artwork

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - Michaela Laurie, Take Me To Where The Birds Sing, Drawings, 14x14, 2017

Michaela Laurie, Take Me to Where The Birds Sing, Drawings, 14" x 14"

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