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The 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Results

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Jurors: Alaina Claire Feldman, Kentaro Totsuka, Arnold J. Kemp​ 

The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2019 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition after reviewing the submitted artwork (Reception Video and Photos)

Selected to participate in the competition exhibition:

Carlos Tamayo, Yeji Moon, Jamil McGinnis, María Salomé, Jonk, Greg Sand, Masin Mauro, Wolfram, Sahiye Cruz Villegas, Alfonso Bonilla, Ross Lewis, Katie Wild, Kathryn Knudsen, Julia Eisen-Lester, Samuel Cornillet, Yukino Iwatsuki, Claire Waters, Jan Zhou, Eri Kato, Kenneth Batista, Uma Haime, Izumi Ueda Yuu, Julia Gil, VENDREDI, Dawn Gabrielle Chandler, Job Tibay, Karol Krocka, Tadatomo Masato, Catherine Pickop, Pako Martinez

Entitled to receive cash prizes of $1000 each:

James Ritchie, Hsuan Chung, Michele Zousmer, Frank Mayes, Chong Sun Oh

Entitled to a review in ARTisSpectrum magazine:

Scott Durka, Antonio Lopez Vega, Jesus Monge Cebolla, Carolyn Rogers, Jihyun Ra

Entitled to one year of exposure on ART-mine.com, which includes an artist statement composed by ARTmine’s talented art writers:

Artem Novoselov, Veronica Constable, Margaret Montgomery, Amy Kim Keeler, Greg Szostakiwskyj

Entitled to an Honorable Mention and a complimentary entry to the 35th
Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (Feb. 2020):

Alexa Gilweit, Eugeny Galkin, Nafissa Harvoire, Sarah O’Donoghue, Michael Ernest Schranzer, Yutaka Hashimoto, Kelly Blevins, Michael Diaz, Keerim Kim, Shane Taremi

Entitled to Digital Display with presentation of their artwork as part of the slideshow on the gallery:

Maryam Rahmanian, Sam Sundius, Mathew Gasparek, Heesu Choi, Rigoberto Diaz, Federico Imperiale, Robert Gold, Lisa Marsh, Brianne Urzada, Steven Rahbany


Note: Agora Gallery is proud to sponsor the competition, but Agora Gallery and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process. All selection decisions were made by the competition jurors.


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