The 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
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Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - Results

The 33rd Chelsea International Fine Art Competitions Results

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - View Results - English

Jurors: Kathy Battista, Sharon Matt Atkins, Amanda McDonald Crowley​ 

The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2018 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition after reviewing the submitted artwork (Reception Video and Photos):

Selected to participate in the competition exhibition:

Arinze Stanley, Carlos Salazar Arenas, Dong Kyu Kim, Meike Lohmann, Gabrielle Kruger, Ayo Filade, Candelaria Palacios, Cynthia Evers, Hiromichi Matsudaira, Oluwatobi Adewumi, Samuel Wyatt, Kristina Daukintyte Aas, Ada Luisa Trillo, Terence Finch, Emily Jones, Sidney Chambers, Nemo Nox, Adeyemi Ramon Omolaja, Peter Genssler, Yvonne Muinde, HE Chunqing, Eileen Olimb, Beth Cavalcanti, Jennifer Day, Chenyi Sun, Denis BAUDRIER, Martijn Weiffenbach, Dana Edmonds, Kara Daviau Cook, Herold P Alexis.

Entitled to receive cash prizes of $1000 each:

Domingo Donoso, Eric W. Shute, Anne Rudanovski, Rodrigo Calixto, Wenqian Leng.

Entitled to a review in ARTisSpectrum magazine:

Nicola Watson, Marek Slavík, Richard Ostroff.

Entitled to one year of exposure on, which includes an artist statement composed by ARTmine’s talented art writers:

Jenny Ahmad, Arthur H. Gunther III, Rachel Sager, Chad Thompson, M. Ines Lagos.

Entitled to an Honorable Mention and a complimentary entry to the 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (Feb. 2019):

Fukuoka Yuri, Maria Jimenez, Oliver Sin, Gabriela Esterovich, Cristobal Lanzarini, Alchemy Chan, Soosan Danesh, Danielle Klebes, Rosa Paola Villarroel Gomez, Marcela García Henríquez.


Note: Agora Gallery is proud to sponsor the competition, but Agora Gallery and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process. All selection decisions were made by the competition jurors.

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