April 1 - April 21, 2017 | Reception Photos

Spatial Fluidity

This April Agora Gallery presents Spatial Fluidity, a collective exhibition that serves as both a celebration and an interrogation of three-dimensionality. Spatial Fluidity features a range of techniques that transcend the traditional picture plane. There are two featured collage artists; one plays with the subtle differences between newspaper and photography while the other reaches a new form of visual depth by adding reflective layers to her pieces. One artist uses real light as an element in his pieces - shining it on painted surfaces or canvases that have themselves been cut up and woven into new forms. There are also several mixed-media artists who experiment with placing different natural and manmade textures within and around their pigmentation. In Spatial Fluidity, the visuals and the material are inextricably intertwined.

Contemporary Perspectives

This April Agora Gallery presents Contemporary Perspectives, a new group exhibition that aims to update and illuminate even the most time-tested subject matter. Contemporary Perspectives features only six artists: three landscape painters, two experts in botanicals, and one portraitist. There are romantic gardens and rolling hills depicted as energized abstract patterns, and extremely detailed yet entirely imaginary forests rendered as dramatic dream worlds. There are realistic figures placed in undefined, atmospheric spaces. Of the two kinds of florals included, one uses hyperrealism and irregular canvases to forge a new path while the other juxtaposes rigorous detail and deliberately unfinished draftsmanship. Finally, the featured portraits focus on a historically invisible group: women of color. Contemporary Perspectives pays homage to art history while relentlessly seeking its relevance in today's world.

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