530 West 25th Street, New York, NY  Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
530 West 25th Street, New York, NY  Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
530 West 25th Street
Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Collective Exhibition

March 10 - March 30, 2017 Reception Photos

Portals of Perception

This March Agora Gallery presents Portals of Perception, a select group exhibition celebrating some of the most thoughtful and observant painters working today. Oil, acrylic, and watercolor are all represented, as well as landscapes from all over the world. The exhibition features portraiture steeped in current cultural symbolism, abstract works that explore texture in the two-dimensional frame, and cityscapes that seek to depict the environment’s character as well as its geography. In all the works on display, detail is privileged, in order to set a precise time, place, and psychological state. Portals of Perception is a showcase of painting at its most thoughtful and technique of the utmost care.

ContemplationReflectionBig CityDissolving: On Open WaterAloha Juice Bar#103

The Saturated Palette

The Saturated Palette, a new group exhibition at Agora Gallery held this March, explores exuberance in color. Featuring ten different artists, the exhibition is able to explore the use of color across still life, portraiture, landscape, and abstract work. Some pieces demonstrate how to use intense tones sparingly to create emotional effect, while others show us that darker and subtler tones are in fact a different kind of saturation. There are also some lively color explosions that instantly light up a room. Representational works take lessons in color from non-representational ones, and vice-versa. Using oil, acrylic, pastel, and encaustic, these ten artists take their palettes to the extreme.

14005 Istanbul- Ortakoy MosqueMumbai. Crawford Bazaar. Vendor SaffronBirchmont BlueReflec - DoubtTransmutation of LoveSucculent PomegranatesExquisiteDesert Dust-stormBlue Paradise

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